Lou Sheldon Holds Anti-Gay News Conference and Only 3 Gay Rights Activists Show Up

What if a vehement, Bible-thumping, anti-gay crusader--so vehemently anti-gay that many question his own sexual orientation--held a press conference to denounce what he considers the LGBT intrusion into public education and only three people showed up?

And what if the trio hailed not from TV, radio or a newspaper but the same gay and lesbian rights organization?

That happened to the Rev. Lou Sheldon Monday in Santa Ana.

The Courage Campaign's Prop 8 Trial Tracker shared the photo below shot in the parking lot outside the Orange County Registrar of Voters office, where the founder of the Anaheim-based Traditional Values Coalition had invited the media to join him.

Courtesy of the Courage Campaign
That's a Sheldon assistant to the left of the Man of God at the podium and two Courage Campaigners in the spot where all the reporters are supposed to be. The reason the third Courage Campaigner is not in the shot is because someone had to shoot it.

Here was the Rev. Lou's press release announcing the joyous news conference:

Traditional Values Coalition

September 22, 2011
CONTACT: Benjamin Lopez

TVC Chairman to Release Results of Poll Favorable to Repeal of SB 48 Law Would Require Teachings on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Topics

Anaheim, California-"A recent statewide poll shows California voters are overwhelmingly against the newly-signed Senate Bill 48," said Rev. Louis Sheldon, chairman and founder of Traditional Values Coalition (TVC). "The results of this poll should be a warning sign to liberal activists that wish to inject controversial issues into the classroom. Parents are simply against social engineering in the classroom.

"This polls proves that the voters of California are completely behind parents. What we need now are for parents to grab pens, clipboards and petitions and get signatures to stop the assault on our children and grandchildren in California's schools by leftist homosexual radicals seeking to indoctrinate the minds of young, impressionable youth." Sheldon added.

Rev. Sheldon will announce the details of the new poll at a press conference set for Monday, September 26, 2011. Details are as follows:

Press Conference
By Traditional Values Coalition
September 26, 2011
11:00 AM
Orange County Registrar of Voters Office
1300 S. Grand Avenue, Bldg C
Santa Ana, CA 92705

SB 48, which was signed by Governor Jerry Brown on July 14, 2011, will now amend current Education Code sections to include lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender to the list of categories to be covered in all textbooks, curriculum and instructional materials. These new textbooks and instructional materials would apply to ALL subjects in curriculum and to ALL grades K-12.

Traditional Values Coalition is one of three lead statewide pro-family organizations involved in the current Referendum effort aimed at placing the provisions of SB 48 before the voters on the June 2012 ballot. The other organizations assisting Traditional Values Coalition are Capitol Resource Institute and Pacific Justice Institute.

Traditional Values Coalition is an interdenominational and multi-racial public policy organization speaking on behalf of 43,000 churches nationwide and 8,300 churches in California.  For further information about Traditional Values Coalition please call Benjamin Lopez at [redacted] or visit our website at www.traditionalvalues.org

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