Rep. Laura Richardson Outed as Among Most Corrupt Members of Congress

Laura Richardson was first elected to Congress four years ago, yet the Long Beach Democrat is already considered one of the House's most corrupt members.

That's the opinion of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), whose seventh annual edition of CREW'S Most Corrupt report just came out.

Richardson is among seven Democrats singled out by CREW, but in case you think this is a partisan attack list, don't: the collection also outs among the most corrupt 12 Republicans.

Five are repeat offenders. Some kids never learn.

Richardson gets the nod for emails that came to light earlier this year revealing she has been "an ogre of a boss who illegally forced congressional staff to work on her campaigns, run her personal errands and perform campaign functions using federal resources," according to CREW's full report on the congresswoman.

These staffers were required to attend a fundraiser for Richardson's 2010 reelection campaign dubbed "Democratic Idol," wear staff shirts embroidered with the phrase "37th Congressional District" and bring their spouses and interns along with them to the event--if they knew what was good for them.

In violation of federal law, CREW alleges, congressional staffers were forced under threat of termination to work after hours and weekends on Richardson's campaign. The law was also violated when these staffers were forced to perform personal services like picking up the congresswoman's dry cleaning.

"Rep. Richardson violated the law which requires government funds to be used only for official purposes," according to the CREW report. "Additionally, by certifying that staffers were paid only for work done for official purposes when she submitted payroll forms, Rep. Richardson appears to have made false statements to Congress."

The watchdog has asked the FBI to investigate Richardson because "[s]omeone somewhere needs to hold this woman accountable for her actions."

"In just three terms, Rep. Richardson has run roughshod over staff and federal law," CREW Executive Director Melanie Sloan says in a press release.  "She has been the subject of at least two ethics investigations, could find herself facing criminal charges, and is certainly one of the Most Corrupt Members of Congress."

Richardson would be wise to take CREW' seriously. Since 2005, the group has outed 70 members of Congress for corruption, 32 of whom are no longer in office.

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This is about Postal Jobs and mail service to the public that is being threatened by Darrell Issa (Rep.) and Lieberman(Senate) .\

HR2309 and S1789 attack on Postal Emploees

I understand that HR2309  will be on the House Floor sometime this August

.Just because Issa has made considerable profits as a business owner doesn’t qualify him to dictate how the Post Office should be run particularly when his solutions promoted as saving the Post Office, if enacted, would do the exact opposite. If Issa wants to save the USPS he should look at what expenses can be deleted without disrupting the service. #1. The Postal Accountable and Enhancement Act needs to be rescinded. In 2006 the PAEA ,signed by Bush, mandated that the USPS fund 75 years of retiree health benefits in 10. As the USPS was solvent before the PAEA (HR6407) was passed it stands to reason that the USPS would once again become solvent if this law was rescinded. #2. Overpayments the USPS has made to the Civil Service Retirement Service should be returned. #3. Overpayments the USPS made to FERS need to be retrieved. #4. Charge more for delivering UPS parcels that UPS has the Post Office deliver to places they don’t. #5. Adjust the ratio of managers to workers . But Issa, in HR2309 hasn’t proposed that any of these things . Issa’s solution is to cut the workforce by at least 100,000. Issa’s solution is to weaken the unions, so that Postal Workers’ wages and benefits would depend on a separate board when a contract wasn’t agreed upon by the USPS and a union. This is a case where Issa’s cure would cause the death of the USPS as a public service and have it revived as a business with lower paid workers, higher rates and less service.

S1789, sponsored by Lieberman, would cut 100,000 jobs with the USPS when we don't need to have more unemployed workers. S1789 would decrease compensation for injured workers and end it for those over 65, when we don't need to take away compensation or lower compensation for injured workers.It would weaken the unions which promote a "living wage" at a time when we don't need to add more people to the "working poor", S1789 would close smaller post offices (some have already closed),and slow mail delivery by closing 200+ distribution centers. In 2006 Congress voted to have the USPS fund 75 years of retiree health benefits in 10 amounting to 5.5 Billion a year. Saddled with funding 5.5 Billion a year that had nothing to do with mail delivery, the USPS could no longer have it's revenue =costs as it had done until 2005. If this bill is passed or HR2309 the USPS will end up virtually privatized with lower wages and benefits for its’workers,a scaled down and overworked workforce, more mail services contracted out, less services for the public including curbside service in place of home delivery.



This is why im on a campaign to get as many people as possible to not vote for Incumbants!

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