La Habra Latest to Ban Sex Offenders from Parks

La Habra is the latest Orange County city to enact a law banning registered sex offenders from parks and playgrounds following action by the City Council Monday night.

The city modeled its child safety zone ordinance after the county's enacted in April to keep perverts out of regional parks and other places that attract children.

After the county Board of Supervisors passed the law written by Supervisor Shawn Nelson and District Attorney Tony Rackauckas, the DA and supervisors sent letters to leaders of Orange County's 34 incorporated cities suggesting they do the same. Westminster enacted an ordinance modeled after the county ban in May, while Irvine the next month adopted a law that only bans sex offenders whose rap sheets include crimes against children.

Like council members in other cities that have postponed or not yet fully approved bans, Irvine's majority feared the complete ban advocated by the county may not ultimately pass constitutional muster. Some Irvine leaders also felt a problem that does not exist was being created by the law as the city has few registered sex offenders living there and no reports of children being sexually victimized in local parks.

Nonetheless, as the council there and in other cities have taken up the issue, representatives of the county, the DA's office and the sheriff's department have shown up to publicly lobby for support of the total bans created by Nelson and T-Rack. Senior Assistant District Attorney Mary Anne McCauley appeared before the La Habra City Council Monday night.

As you'd expect, Rackauckas applauds La Habra's move in a statement issued by his office last night.

"The City of La Habra took a big step today in protecting children from dangerous sexually deviant predators by creating this safety zone," the DA states. "This law will discourage sex offenders from going to parks in La Habra, where they could have easy access to children and potentially get acquainted with them in the grooming process. I hope that other cities follow the leadership shown by the La Habra mayor and council members and pass a similar ordinance in their cities."

Like the county ordinance, which subjects registered sex offenders to fines, misdemeanors and possible jail time if they do not get permission from the Orange County Sheriff's Department before entering a regional park or recreational area, pervs in La Habra must now receive clearance from the local police department lest they face similar penalties. In both the city and the county, fines can be high as $500 for the first infraction, and the time behind bars can be as long as 90 days. 

The La Habra ordinance follows on the next page:

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There's more beyond the surface here. Most people don't know how easy it is to get put on the Sex Offender Registry. There has been children on the sex offender registry as young as 9 years old. Punitive measures are added Ex-post facto at the whim of any politician looking to get elected (like that of the DA). Making the registrant their new whipping boy for votes. What about the rights of the registrant's child? Don't they have a right to be with their parent? These laws break more than constitutional law and the God given right (spiritual law) of a parent to be with their child but it also breaks natural law. Even a mother bear is allowed to be with her cubs, but for a registrant and their child these laws dare to break those fundamental God given rights. Really? Where are we in pre-1945 Germany? Oh, about the sheriff giving out passes for registrants to go to parks. Why would a law enforcement agency give out passes for people to break the law? Sometimes Kids get hurt in parks and beaches. Whether by falling from a tree, drowning or choking on a hot-dog. It seems okay to violate the registrant child's safety by disallowing their first line of defense (their parents) to be there. Ladies and gentlemen these kind of laws are not for freedom but tyranny. The numbers and facts don't justify these fear based draconian laws. TRUTH


Every city should have a ban like this in place.

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