[UPDATED with Feinstein Fooked!] Kinde Durkee, Democratic Treasurer Accused of Fraud

UPDATE, SEPT. 13, 11:05 A.M.: U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein is the latest Democrat claiming to have been hornswoggled by campaign treasurer Kinde Durkee.

Feinstein first revealed her accounts had been totally cleaned out, but her spokesman later corrected that to say the amount of missing funds is currently unknown.

So, for those playing the home version of the Kinde Durkee Rip-Off Game . . .

. . . she is alleged to have so far victimized: Feinstein, U.S. Reps. Loretta Sanchez (D-Garden Grove) and Susan Davis (D-San Diego), state Sen. Lou Correa (D-Anaheim) and Assemblyman Jose Solorio (D-Santa Ana).

Solorio currently leads the pack with $677,000 in disappeared campaign cash.

Durkee's federal mail fraud complaint accuses her of moving campaign money from Solorio's account to the accounts of Davis, Sanchez and Beth Krom, the Democratic Irvine city councilwoman whose losing campaign to unseat Rep. John Campbell (R-Newport Beach) in November 2010 was mired in debt.

The Durkee and Associates founder, who began her campaign treasurer career in the early 1970s, supposedly admitted to the FBI that she has for years misappropriated her clients' money, filed false reports to cover up the thefts and spent the booty on her Burbank company's payroll, her credit card bills, her mother's assisted living facility and other personal expenses.

UPDATE, SEPT. 9, 4:01 P.M.: The campaign accounts of Assemblyman Jose Solorio (D-Santa Ana) allegedly got taken for $667,000 by his (and just about every other local Democrat's) treasurer, Kinde Durkee. State Sen. Lou Correa (D-Anaheim) has also said he was a victim of theft by the founder of Burbank-based Durkee and Associates.

Now, Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-Garden Grove) is telling supporters that Durkee swiped nearly all her campaign cash.

Politico's Ben Smith shares this "plaintive email" Sanchez reportedly sent to her list:

As you may have heard, my campaign treasurer, Kinde Durkee, was arrested earlier this week on charges of stealing more than $600,000 from one of her Orange County based clients.

Unfortunately, upon reviewing my campaign account, I too am a victim. Nearly all of the funds my team and I worked hard to raise this year have been wiped out.

This is a disheartening betrayal by a trusted associate. The records Durkee & Associates sent to me on a weekly basis accurately reflected our internal records -- including the amount we raised, the incoming and outgoing funds from our accounts, and our cash on hand. In reality, our accounts have but a few thousand dollars.

But I am moving forward. Fighting for each and every one of you is and will always be my top priority. I am confident that through the help of friends, colleagues, and you, we will rebuild and be stronger than ever....

My accounts have but a few thousand dollars . . . Loretta, you're looking at the glass half-empty. If you were a journalist, you would be suffering no such burden.

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