Horrible Home For Sale Photo of the Day!

Snaps photos with tongue
In California, would-be Realtors have to pass an examination to obtain a valuable, state-issued license.

But there is no requirement that practicing Realtors know a damn thing about how to activate a camera.

Or how to take a decent photograph.

This fact can have tragic if hilarious consequences for homeowners trying to sell their Orange County properties.

There were plenty of nominations but here is today's horrible home for sale photo of the day:

This photo is being used to sell a Costa Mesa home for $258,000.

(Click on the category heading "Horrible Home Pictures" to see other winners!)

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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Sharon Charboneau
Sharon Charboneau

Mr/Ms Realtor - what exactly about this photo is supposed to appeal to potential buyers?  the fact that the room looks very small & dark?  the fact that owner ran out of storage space & is using the bed?

Sellers check out the photos your realtor is going to post BEFORE they are posted.  Then check the MLS listing when it goes up.  Is it accurate, do the pictures show well.

Ignorance is not bliss when your are selling your home in a BUYER'S MARKET!!!


Obviously this was taken by a man....he can't see the laundry basket!!!!

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