Feds Offer Immigrants Tips in Garden Grove Today

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U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), in partnership with St. Anselm Community Center in Garden Grove, hosts an information session today helping immigrants better understand the naturalization process.

Topics covered include the content of the naturalization test, free educational resources and other materials available from the federal agency.

Personnel from USCIS, including bilingual officers, will be on-hand to discuss the naturalization process step-by-step and provide information about eligibility and residency requirements, application forms, fees, the background security check and processing times. Participants will also see sample questions from the naturalization test and receive an overview of U.S. history and civic principles. Free educational materials will be given out while supplies last.

The session is scheduled to run from 9 a.m. to noon on the first floor of Anselm Community Center, 11277 Garden Grove Blvd., Garden Grove.

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Matthew T. Coker
Matthew T. Coker

Planting immigrants so more grow? Great. Someone alert Babs Coe.

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