OC Pioneers Who Were Klan Members: Francis Allen Kidder, Santa Ana Father and Son

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The mascot for this legendary column, at right, isn't taken from the archives of the Orange County Ku Klux Klan but rather dates to the 1930s, to San Diego's vibrant Klucker scene. His most famous cameo is in the intro to the HBO series, True Blood, used as visible proof of the Klan's depravity (though it's misleading tying him to the South...). I mean, what evil parent would inculcate their child with the Klan's depravity?

Francis Allen Kidder of SanTana, that's who.

Kidder was a building contractor who joined the first wave of the Klan, the one that saw SanTana as its home base. But it wasn't enough to just have one Kidder as a member.

The membership roll of the Orange County chapter of the Invisible Empire also lists Francis Allen Kidder, Jr. as a Klucker. He would've been all of seven years old when Daddy signed him up--but imagine how cute he'd look in his kiddie hood and robe!

Tune in every Monday around 5 p.m. for the latest entry exposing Orange County city fathers who were Klan members!

Previous entries:

Leslie C. Rogers, Santa Ana City Marshal
Earl Sechrist and Burton Young, Brea and Yorba Linda Ministers
Rollin Marsden and Roy Davis, Fullerton Councilmembers
William French, Fullerton's First Deputy Police Officer
Rudolph Kroener, Co-Owner of Former Gas Station that's Now Orange's Filling Station
William E. Fanning, Brea Schools Pioneer, Namesake of Fanning Elementary
Jesse L. Hunter, San Juan Capistrano Innkeeper, Owner of Mexican Restaurant
John A. Leuzinger, Brea Mayor, Founder of Brea Electric
Newton E. Wray, SanTana Rancher, Failed City Council Candidate
Samuel F. Hilgenfeld, Buena Park Minister, Founder of Anaheim's Hilgenfeld Mortuary
Elmer E. Heidt, OC's First Scout Executive for Orange County Boy Scouts Council
James W. Newell, Fullerton-area Miner/Mason
Garland C. Ross, Santa Ana dentist, batted against Walter Johnson
Ferris F. Kelley, San Juan Capistrano Postmaster
Clyde Fairbairn, Longtime Olive resident/nice guy
Charles McClure, Brea's first police chief
John F. Pieper, Tustin feed-store owner, councilmember
William Starbuck, Fullerton school trustee, druggist
Hoyt Corbit, Yorba Linda pioneer, fan of Richard Nixon
Lucien Proud, La Habra mayor/school trustee
Albert Hetebrink, Fullerton rancher
Henry W. Head, Orange County godfather
Dr. Roy S. Horton and Marshall Keeler, Santa Ana Unified trustees
Sam Jernigan and Jesse Elliott, Orange County sheriffs
Herman Hiltscher, Fullerton bureacrat

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Paul Lucas
Paul Lucas

Gus, how did you learn that all these guys were Klan Members?


Also Paul,

Ask yourself this... Are these people really the "Pioneers" of Orange County?  I mean who the F are the kidders?  I have 5 generations of OC in my family my Great Grandfathers name is Listed as a Councilmember on the dedication stone in Hart Park.  They wernt Klan members their friends werent... My Grandmother is 80 and doesnt recall seeing klan activity and as a matter of fact has Pictures of her elementery school classes from the 30's with GASP... Mexican kids in them THE HORROR!!!! 

If Gustavo ever comes around with somethign truely groundbreaking like Andrew Glassell or Alfred Chapman were a Klan members then I might care.  Beyond that Gustavo is nothing more than a Charlatan. 

mitch young
mitch young

And when you do Paul, go back and read the series and notice that Klavito has presented exactly zero evidence that these guys engaged in any violence -- are any wrong doing. In fact, some of them are heros.

The whole series, as the use of a totally unrelated photo illustrates, is a pastiche of fact and fantasy designed to feed Klavito's persecution complex.


Armenian genocide denier: Of course your grandmother wouldn't remember any Klan activity—they had largely disappeared by the early 1930s, at which point your grandmother (if, in fact, you're telling the truth for once and not giving us your usual sack of shit) would've just been a toddler. And are you also denying the existence of segregated schools in Orange? Tell that to Mendez, et al.

And congrats on having a great-grandfather who helped to rule a city that was officially segregated!

mitch young
mitch young

That Southeast Asian 'tang can drive a man to do some crazy shit.


Winner winner pollo dinner!  Dont forget Mom married a Black guy from huntington beach in the 70s... My alleged racist Tata wasnt to wild about it at first but they became great friends.  but you never could see the forrest for the trees.  What about you gun toting spliff dealing wife beater,  care to address the allegations or are you hoping to get some "street cred"?  


Sorry, pendejo, but mid-1930s is not the same as early 1930s. And your grandpa ran the packing house? Now I remember you...you used to post under another name here, because you once gave a weepy-moany story about how great OC is now that the descendant of racists could now be married to a pocha, or some song-and-dance like that. Of course, given that you deny the Armenian genocide, the orange sure as hell didn't fall far from the grove.


I have never lied and have been upfron with the fact that you are a paper tiger... And if someone was Born in 1931 that would put them in Kindergarten in 35-36.  Apparantly your not as good at math as you are telling grand tales... Dont forget he ran the Villa park packing house also! DOUBLE WHAMMY! 

What say you address those claims that your a Felon?  Slingin weed? But I guess that was before your book so you needed extra income.  But posession of a firearm?  you didnt strike me as the gun toting type, I guess you have more in common with the tea party than we thought... And a protective order!!!  What happened your ruca got mouthy with you?  Had to put her in her place and show her who her real papi was?


Case Number: 02CF0977

OC Pay Number: 1153206

Originating Court: Central - Limited

Defendant: Arellano, Gustavo

004/14/200211359 HSFPossession for sale of marijuanaGUILTY06/18/2002Pled Guilty06/18/2002

004/14/200211360(a) HSFSale or transport of marijuanaNOT GUILTY04/16/2002Dismissed06/18/2002

004/14/200211350(a) HSFUnlawful possession of controlled substanceGUILTY06/18/2002Pled Guilty06/18/2002

009/05/200812021(a)(1) PCFPossession Of Firearm By A FelonGUILTY02/20/2009Pled Guilty02/20/2009

009/05/200812031(a)(1)/(a)(2)(A) PCFCarry loaded firearm on person with previous felony conviction.GUILTY02/20/2009Pled Guilty02/20/2009

004/02/2010166(c)(1) PCMViolation of protective/stay away order


004/02/2010273.6(a) PCMDisobeying domestic relations court orderGUILTY04/06/2010Pled Guilty04/06/2010

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