Dana Rohrabacher Lectured By Twitter Crowd on Partisanship

Rohrabacher to unemployed: Screw you until Jan. 20, 2013.
Congressman Dana Rohrabacher skipped all Vietnam War service but hilariously insists he's "a patriot" and military genius nowadays.

In the last year, Rohrabacher (R-Costa Mesa) has also established that he believes Congress shouldn't take any action to help the economy if the moves might also help re-elect President Barack Obama.

The brazen political gamesmanship doesn't delight at least four individuals, who this month sent Twitter messages encouraging the congressman to make job creation rather that politics the immediate priority in this lousy economy.

AndyFifth wrote to Rohrabacher, "This isn't about giving R's and D's a win. This is about giving the American people a win."

Hoverly wrote to Rohrabacher, "I feel scammed having a hyper-partisan ideologue as my congressman."

The congressman, who promised in 1988 that he'd only serve six years in Congress if elected, called himself "principled" and mocked them.

"Are all principled Congressmen ideologues, or just the ones who disagree with you?" responded the politician who reserves the "patriot" label only for himself and his supporters from Kookville.

KateCohen told Rohrabacher, "You're so disrespectful to your constituents."

BentleyJessicaM wrote to the congressman, "I would appreciate it if you took it more seriously. This isn't a political game to regular people like me."

Next year, Rohrabacher--the self-styled "term limits champion"--will seek his 26th and 27th years as a professional politician in Washington, D.C.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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I live in his district. I don't consider it very democratic when no one who runs against him has a fighting chance...because some Republicans here would vote for a steaming pile of dog crap as long as there was an (R) next to the name on the ballot. Don't get me wrong, I couldn't care less what party Mr. Rohrabacher is affiliated with...he's doing a lousy job and should not be re-elected. Period.


Speaking of politics, you guys are totally getting scooped by the OCR over the muhammed-dog story.


I am amazed, I actually agree with you for once.

"Please do not Draft me!" Here are x-rays of my hip damaged in a HS football injury, (probably not even his x-rays) I do not want to die in Vietnam... Such a Patriot... self styled patriot... Get the garbage out of DC! But I have read that this cowardly self styled patriot has come out in favor of medical marijuana and legalizing marijuana I think... some politicians will say anything to get a few votes.

Oh yea, didn't he originally promise term limits when he first ran what was it 17 years ago?


...and they got scooped by Voice of OC, and we beat them to Dum-Dum Dumitru's rant—so what's your point?


Simply helping out; lending a hand; being a good netizen to this fine blog. 

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