At Packed Fullerton City Council Meeting, People Want Answers In Kelly Thomas Case, Several Support Recall

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Marisa Gerber/ OCWeekly
Bankhead, left, Jones and McKinley
​On the eve of the district attorney's announcement of its findings in the Kelly Thomas case, peopled packed Fullerton City Hall to let the council know, once again, their thoughts on Thomas' death, the police department and the city, in general.

Several people voiced their desires to recall Mayor Richard Jones, Mayor Pro Tem Don Bankhead and Councilman Pat McKinley, saying that the men's leadership in the wake of Thomas' death was insufficient. "It's time for you guys to be heros instead of zeros. You guys could say this thing is out of hand and step down," said Wiley Drake, a pastor from Buena Park, who spoke during the public comment time.

Fullerton resident Laura Stephens said she was "totally against" the recall until tonight, when she heard what she described as the councilmen's "total disdain" for the citizens."Now, I can't sign those recall papers fast enough," Stephens said. 

Marisa Gerber/ OCweekly
The recall table outside of the council meeting
Chris Thompson, one of the recall leaders, said he thinks Jones, Bankhead and McKinley are only days away from having their names on a ballot for a recall election. A recently launched website, however, opposes the recall. The site, which encourages people to vote no on the recall, spends a lot of time talking about Tony Bushala, who they describe as a "bully." 

Like Drake, several people expressed frustration at the city's now-tainted reputation."I'm scared for this community. We need to heal," said Gudalupe Aparicio

The crowd was abuzz over the D.A.'s upcoming announcement. A few minutes into the public comment segment, City Attorney Richard Jones explained to the audience that the D.A. would announce its findings tomorrow at a press conference. 

Matthew Rowe, a Fullerton resident, turned to the television cameras and said, "I wanna address the D.A. We want to know that justice will be done. That justice in America is blind." During the meeting, Mayor Jones asked Thomas if he wanted to meet Wednesday to chat, but Thomas reminded him that he'd be tied up all day with the press conference. The two men agreed to meet Thursday morning, Thomas said, and they plan to discuss the severity of Kelly's injuries.

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Marisa Gerber/ OCWeekly

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it's too bad that only the idiots of Fullerton show up to the council meetings.


The attention span of the avg american is approx 5 minutes and the fullerton city council and the DA were hoping that like many other times before that this movement would lose steam... We have to keep the pressure on them. Elected officials serve at the pleasure of the people do not let them forget that! Next election I have no party affiliation! I will vote for whoever is NOT  the incumbant! I encourage everyone to do the same. Lets have a cull of arrogant polititians


"The two men agreed to meet Thursday morning, Thomas said, and they plan to discuss the severity of Kelly' injuries."

Dead is pretty severe. 


sorry u feel like an idiot u must has to be there in order to make that coment.

Angela Salley
Angela Salley

You hit the nail on the head there. Whatever kind of idiot is this man Mayor Jones? And him a doctor.!!!!! DEAD IS DEAD OR DIDN'T HE LEARN THAT AT MEDICAL SCHOOL.

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