4 Men Hospitalized in Honeybee Attack

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Four people were hospitalized today after being attacked by a swarm of honeybees from a hive of 60,000 in a storage yard in the 2600 block of Orange Street in Santa Ana.

A man in a wheelchair was the first to get stung--more than 60 times in all, according to Santa Ana Fire. Three other men saw him on the ground, rushed over to help and got stung themselves. All suffered reactions to the stings.

Three men were taken to Coastal Communities Hospital while the fourth went to Western Medical Center, all in Santa Ana.

Firefighters shut down South Cypress Street at Goetz Avenue while they awaited a beekeeper who ultimately removed the hive that was in a stack of palettes at the storage yard.

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I remember several years ago there was a hive of killer bees at the corner of Wilson & Newport in Costa Mesa. The city was notified and refused to do anything as it was on private property. Fortunately no one was swarmed by them at that time.


Was the guy who was stung 60 times Gustavo?

Then I dont care!

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