Tiffany Toth: 5 Poses Before Becoming Playboy's Miss September

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Anaheim-born Tiffany Toth is a former Canyon High School cheerleader who spent her days sunning on Orange Coast beaches and nights dreaming about one day becoming a Playboy Playmate.

The 25-year-old Laguna Beach model's wish came true when she was named Miss September 2011.

After the jump are five semi safe-for-work examples of Ms. Toth's evolution as eye candy.

Surf Illustrated
From April 2006.

Beer Magaine
July 2008

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Well, what can you say, she is a beautiful young woman.  Now that she has become one of Hef's girls, her career has taken a certain direction from which she won't be able to return.  Doubt that she will now be hired by any of the major Modeling Agencies, or grace the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.  As with many of the Playboy Models, she will move on and in a few years be forgotten.  Hopefully she has used some of her Modeling money to get a college education and prepare for the future?   

mitch young
mitch young

That 'Beer' magazine cover isn't real is it? I mean, 'Prohibition: when you couldn't get a drink"... pull the other one.


i would go chindasak on that

PatrickR's bro
PatrickR's bro

shut up you lil peter puffer. Dad said get off the computer already he needs to check his blog. You barely got access again to the computer. and clean your cookies fruit cup no one wants to see all the weird shit you searched for.

mitch young
mitch young

Uh, somebody missed 7th grade 'Health' .


what was it about?

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