Tales From the Underbelly of Disneyland: No Running!

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For some, Disneyland is the Happiest Place on Earth. It's a world of wonder and amazement where everyone, young and old alike, can live out the carefree abandon of their youth.

For others, eh, it's a job.

"Tales from the Underbelly of Disneyland" interviews ex-Disney employees about those nine-to-five experiences that go unseen by happy park goers. Glance at Disneyland's Underbelly after the jump.

Disney may place first when it comes to family entertainment, but when it comes to hosting a half-marathon in the park for the very first time they're bringing up the rear. Literally.

Read on to learn more about Disneyland's first year hosting The Happiest Race on Earth.

Disneyland's Happiest Race on Earth
It was the first half-marathon Disneyland put on (also known as The Happiest Race on Earth), so of course they had no clue how to run it correctly from every point of view. The plans had changed numerous times over the week, and I mean they changed almost every hour--they would want something different or have different areas covered.

My job was simple: Get to my designated restroom at 6:30 AM and open it for the runners so they could make a bathroom stop before the race. Well, little did Disney know that by then the runners had already started.

Luckily, some Cast Members helped out by opening the doors of my restroom for custodial staff at 5:00 AM. So for an hour and a half, people used just that one restroom, men and women alike; the women's restroom was still closed because the female restroom custodial worker didn't start until 7:30 AM!

When I finally arrived at my restroom I had to cross through a sea of people. It was complete chaos. There was no new toilet paper or paper towels anywhere. Used paper was thrown everywhere, and the trash cans didn't even have bags in them yet. But that wasn't the worst of it. Women were using the urinals. Guys were peeing in the sink. And in a few instances, both guys and girls were using the non-bagged trash cans as toilets.

I walked over to the women's restroom and opened it up for them and suited up armed with every chemical we had and walked into the madness ready to clean. Needless to say, it was just another fantastic day at the Happiest Place on Earth.

--Anonymous ex-Custodial Cast Member

Disneyland celebrates its sixth year of the Happiest Race on Earth this Labor Day weekend, September 2-4. Let's hope they have more restrooms open for runners this time around!

Learn more about the Happiest Race on Earth here.

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yes the fucken toilets backed up in the interventions ride and filled up the bottom floor where the massive turning wheel that would turn the ride in circle . they did not supply us with outfits to do this job right what a dump Disney managers are fucken morons


I worked Disney custodial at restaurants (when it was separate from sweepers and food) from 1989-1991. I recall disgusting mothers who don't even have the skill to neatly wrap a baby diaper into a ball before tossing it into the bushes (that's wrong too) and those classic people who left trails of vomit on the street leading up to the trash can opening but didn't quite make it. I recall the AIDS scare of employees who wore rubber gloves underneath cloth gloves when cleaning up dishes and utensils due to the fact that the virus was not well understood yet. I recall most dark rides being closed during Gay Pride days. I remember the intensive interview process to get a job at Disneyland (3 interviews). I recall that most cast members were so damn hot looking. I fondly remember fresh cast member clothing cleaned and pressed for me everyday by the costume department. I recall Sebastian the crab from Little Mermaid grabbing my ex-girls massive breasts at a Christmas Party for employees. Good times!

mitch young
mitch young

"Women were using the urinals. Guys were peeing in the sink. And in a few instances, both guys and girls were using the non-bagged trash cans as toilets."

Is it wrong to be aroused by that passage?


I worked there for two years in high school, 1981-1983. You wanna know stories? Just ask me, boy oh boy, could I tell you a few things, yessiree!!


All awesome. Daniel, same goes for you as Deb above, if you're interested in dishing out a few short stories about your memories there, let me know how I can get in touch with you. Maybe we can turn one of your stories into an Underbelly.

Let me know!


HAHA! I remember that one! So good.


Deb, I would LOVE to hear some of your stories from back then! How can I get in touch with you so you can participate?

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