Sunset Beach Is Now Part of Huntington Beach

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​After a long, bitter battle, sundown has finally come for Sunset Beach.  

Huntington Beach Independent reports that the Orange County Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO), a state-mandated bureau that oversees boundary changes, filed paperwork with the county that essentially makes the 85-acre coastal community a part of Huntington Beach. The state sill must approve the paperwork, but that's just an administrative formality. 

It's a major blow to a resident group called the Citizen's Association of Sunset Beach, which has been fighting to keep their eclectic town of about 1,300 self-contained. In December, the group filed a lawsuit with LAFCO, arguing that under Prop 218, a community has a right to vote on annexation if new taxes are imposed. (See the Weekly's cover story on the issue here.)  

Months of legal wrangling ensued, but last week, Orange County Superior Court Judge Frederick P. Horn ruled against the association, saying that Prop 218 does not apply to annexations. 

In a letter, the association said it would appeal Horn's decision. "We are committed to getting this decision reversed on appeal," it stated. "It is not uncommon for cases which are lost in the lower court to prevail on appeal. . . .We strongly resolve to continue this battle for our community."

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It appears that taking what doesn't belong to you is the American way...especially if you are a government entity...


Having lived in Huntington Beach before the pathetic revamp of the city making it look like another boring gonglomerate shopping mall like all the others in the world, I believe they will try to do the same, pave it over and put in the same o same o boring stores, and take away the truly unique part that is only a remnant left over of the real life of the old coastal cities. Please Huntington Beach keep your mittens off of Sunset Beach and don't destroy the unique appeal of it like you did you own city that I once loved but now am completely bored with.


As a third-generation Sunset Beach native (and a Huntington Beach property owner, as well) I support the Sunset Beach appeal of Judge Horn's decision.  Max is correct . . . we have much to lose as a result of annexation.  

This isn't just about taxes, it's about the self-determination of a unique community that is over 100 years old.  Huntington Beach seeks to exploit our little community for its financial benefit, Sunset Beach residents be damned.

We will fight this to the end.


I'd be fuming if I were a Sunset Beach resident.  It's such a quaint beach town with a few restaurants, shops, and expensive beachfront homes.  Other than street flooding, Sandra Bullock, and a water spout, Sunset Beach has had a pretty uneventful history.  Huntington Beach has a lot of tax money to gain from annexing Sunset Beach.  Sunset Beach has a lot to lose.


Sunset Beach is truly unique.  I have lived in Seal Beach, Sunset Beach, Huntington and Long Beach and Sunset is simply in a class all by itself.  The people of Sunset should be able to decide their own fate and if HB gets ahold of it, it will only be a matter of time before they let building get carried away just like it has all up Goldenwest and in Dowtown HB.  Leave Sunset alone!

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