Sharon Quirk-Silva, Fullerton Councilwoman, Blasts Fullerton Police Chief Anew, Asks for Better Treatment of County's Homeless in Wake of Kelly Thomas' Death-by-Cop

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Fullerton councilwoman Sharon Quirk-Silva shocked political observers yesterday when she asked for the resignation of the city's police chief, Michael Sellers, in the wake of the Kelly Thomas death-by-cop scandal. And in a letter today to constituents, she offers further reasoning.

"I feel that the leadership required from our chief during this crisis
was lacking," wrote the lifelong Fullertonian. "Citizens of Fullerton need to have confidence in a police chief who can not
only provide expert, professional crisis management, but who is capable of being the face of the city when a police crisis occurs. I believe we were failed on both counts."

But Quirk-Silva also urged residents to use Thomas' tragic death as a wake-up call for politicians and the community alike in how to treat the county's homeless.

"There is something we in city leadership can do immediately as we grieve Kelly Thomas and begin our healing," she wrote. "Revisit our policy on the homeless in our city and county. Homelessness and mental illness are serious and complex issues that all cities grapple with, but what can we do to better understand their challenges in Fullerton? How can we work with local and county agencies and churches to make connections for families who struggle with mental illness? How can we find necessary resources for those without a home? At the very least, we can all try to gain a better understanding of their plight."

Later in her letter, Quirk-Silva told the story of talking to a homeless woman who said what she wanted was safety, shelter, and socks. "I know that socks and hygiene items will not solve the issue of homelessness or mental illness, and they won't bring Kelly Thomas back," Quirk-Silva admitted. "But our actions might allow us to better understand the Kelly Thomases who are still out there struggling to live day to day with no place to call home."

The Weekly's previous coverage of Thomas' death:

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Robert H, Fullerton
Robert H, Fullerton

The people of Fullerton (and I'm a registered voter here) would gladly have an increased number of homeless then a band of murdering corrupt cops. The problem here is simple - out-of-control, violent, brutal, savage, unprofessional police and corrupt official who try to cover up for them.  They're going down this time.


Maybe these cops were Libertarians defending private property.

“Cops must be unleashed, and allowed to administer instant punishment … unleash the cops to clear the streets of bums and vagrants. Where will they go? Who cares?”

~Murray Rothbard (American author and economist of the Austrian School who helped define modern Libertarianism)


I'm more concerned with the friendliness Silva wants to show the homeless. Be careful what you wish for. Fullerton could end up like Santa Monica. They can't get rid of the homeless people after turning themselves into a safe haven for the homeless. Guess they could all move to Fullerton now. SM residence must be thrilled. Sad but true...


From the Friends of Fullerton Website:"According to our sources:Officer Jay Cicinelli was thereOfficer Kenton Hampton was thereOfficer Manny Ramos was thereOfficer Joe Wolfe was thereOfficer James Blatney was thereThe sixth officer would have been a sargent called to the scene due to the use of a Taser.  There are two patrol sargents not reporting for duty at the moment who may have been on duty that night. When we figure out which one was there, we’ll let you know."

James C
James C

Thanks for having the guts to state your beliefs.. too bad the others won;t... they'lll be gone after the DA report...bastards!

James C
James C

Thanks for having the nerve to speak up and do the right thing.. too bad the other jackasses won't.  not to worry... another year they will be gone...

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