Profiles in OC Pioneers Who Were Klan Members: Rollin Marsden and Roy Davis, Fullerton Councilmembers

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My apologies to my loyal white-supremacist audience for not doing one of these last week--I'm busy putting the final touches on...something, so had to skip a week. But fear not, skins: this week's a two-fer, and we return to Fullerton in honor of the civic malfeasance that plagues the city, especially the majority of the City Council that's now facing threats of a recall in the week of the Kelly Thomas death-by-cop.

Ah, the Fullerton City Council--never exactly a shining municipal body in Orange County. In fact, the city hasn't had such bumblers since the Klu Klux Klan had three of the five spots on the council from 1922 to 1925, a period that saw minorities and Catholics in town live in daily terror.

I'll reveal just two of the councilmembers today--Rollin Marsden and Roy Davis. Marsden was a teacher at Fullerton High; Davis worked for an ice company. But who was the third Klancilmember? We'll have to wait for that until I'm done with my the meanwhile, remember to sign the recall petitions against Don Bankhead, Dick Jones, and some other pendejo!

Tune in every Monday around 5 p.m. for the latest entry exposing Orange County city fathers who were Klan members!

Previous entries:

William French, Fullerton's First Deputy Police Officer
Rudolph Kroener, Co-Owner of Former Gas Station that's Now Orange's Filling Station
William E. Fanning, Brea Schools Pioneer, Namesake of Fanning Elementary
Jesse L. Hunter, San Juan Capistrano Innkeeper, Owner of Mexican Restaurant
John A. Leuzinger, Brea Mayor, Founder of Brea Electric
Newton E. Wray, SanTana Rancher, Failed City Council Candidate
Samuel F. Hilgenfeld, Buena Park Minister, Founder of Anaheim's Hilgenfeld Mortuary
Elmer E. Heidt, OC's First Scout Executive for Orange County Boy Scouts Council
James W. Newell, Fullerton-area Miner/Mason
Garland C. Ross, Santa Ana dentist, batted against Walter Johnson
Ferris F. Kelley, San Juan Capistrano Postmaster
Clyde Fairbairn, Longtime Olive resident/nice guy
Charles McClure, Brea's first police chief
John F. Pieper, Tustin feed-store owner, councilmember
William Starbuck, Fullerton school trustee, druggist
Hoyt Corbit, Yorba Linda pioneer, fan of Richard Nixon
Lucien Proud, La Habra mayor/school trustee
Albert Hetebrink, Fullerton rancher
Henry W. Head, Orange County godfather
Dr. Roy S. Horton and Marshall Keeler, Santa Ana Unified trustees
Sam Jernigan and Jesse Elliott, Orange County sheriffs
Herman Hiltscher, Fullerton bureacrat

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Wow - two mo' names from his dusty list and ZERO evidence of wrongdoing.  Are you planning on doing any actual work on this series?

mitch young
mitch young

Klantastic -- so much better than bitching and moaning over one theater in Santa Ana having, you know, entertainment that appeals to a broad audience. However, this stuck out:

"a period that saw minorities and Catholics in town live in daily terror."

Any evidence for that assertion?


Do you have to call it "death by cop" Gustavo? - murder by cop or "homocide by cop" seems more appropriate. 


Yeah, because being in the Klan is SO not wrong. Better yet? With the Fullerton Klan council, there is mucho evidence of their wrongdoings—but, of course, you chose to ignore those truths like you do all truths!


Keep reading! Mitchie: the only Catholic apologist for the Klan. Talk about pendejo!


If you want to hear the truth, here it is. You are an embarrassment to journalists everywhere. The evidence continues to pile up everytime you post or submit a story.

Sorry, but the truth hurts sometimes, and this just happens to be one of those times.


Do you have to call it "death by cop" Gustavo? - murder by cop or "homicide by cop" seems more appropriate.


You have sunk to the Art Pedroza level of nonsensical stupid ass - keep it up and you will sink even lower to the Sean Mill level of complete idiocy.


Hey Wannabe reporter, go back to whining about how things change in your beloved SanTana. Keep showing everyone how pathetic you are by your complete inability to do anything other than complain. You'll never understand this, but actions speak louder than any words you will ever write.

And yes, Kelly Thomas is getting way too much press. But, he'll be forgotten in a few weeks. Guaranteed.

Oh, and I'm not surprised you can't handle the truth about your ability as a reporter. You suck as a journalist, your boss knows it, your co-workers know it even if they don't say anything to your face, and your readers know it. Just deal with it. You'll be a much better person once you do that.


Hey, troll: Go back to telling us that the Kelly Thomas murder is getting covered too much instead of spewing your usual pendejadas. Nice to know you're a Klan apologist as well!


Hey, I wasn't the one comparing gay marriage to bestiality...

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