Matt Mina, Virginian Visiting Newport Beach, Finds Our Sand a Bit Salty After Being Buried Alive

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As the nation's economy sinks into quicksand (thanks Dow and your pal Jones), a teenager found himself buried in five feet of beach sand for about a half hour Wednesday afternoon--and lived to talk about it.

On this morning's Today show, no less.

An underground tunnel Matt Mina and a friend were building near 54th Street in Newport Beach collapsed on the 17-year-old, a Virginian who is visiting an uncle in Orange County.

Bystanders and lifeguards--and, later, paramedics--scrambled to figure out where exactly to dig Mina out, Newport Beach fire officials said.

At one point, it was estimated 40 people were trying to dog Mina out from 1.8 meters of sand.

After 27 minutes, Mina was rescued and taken to a local hospital, which first reported him in good condition and later released him the same night.

That made the teen prime interview bait for Today this morning. There's got to be an easier way to meet Matt Lauer.

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Dug himself deep into the ground, only to be caved in upon and trapped? You sure this guy isn't from WEST Virginia?

Jokes aside, why are people doing this? It seems like there have been three or four similar stories just this summer alone, and it's quite dangerous. Not to mention just weird and stupid. I mean, who goes to the beach and thinks "Lovely day out. I want to dig a 7 foot deep hole in the sand. Just cuz."

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