Calls for Resignation, Recall in Fullerton over Kelly Thomas Beating

Ed Carrasco
Hundreds of people showed up at the Fullerton City Council meeting last night--as did mobile television vans from every major local station. The overwhelming majority of people present were there to physically and vocally demonstrate their outrage over the July 5 beating of Kelly Thomas, a mentally ill homeless man, by six Fullerton cops. Thomas died five days later when his family removed him from life support.

That death has sparked investigations from both the Orange County District Attorney's office as well as the U.S. Justice Department. But based on comments at Tuesday's meeting, plenty of Fullerton residents are ready and eager to draw their own conclusions.
Ed Carrasco
Ron Thomas, father of the late Kelly Thomas, addresses the Fullerton City Council

From denunciations of former Police Chief Pat McKinley (who helmed Fulllerton's PD from 1993 to 2009, before his election to Fullerton's City Council in 2010) to calls for current Police Chief Michael Sellers to resign, the tenor of the three-and-an-hour-half public-comment portion of the council meeting was tense, to say the least.

Ed Carrasco
Chief Michael Sellers looking out at the crowd during public comment

The announcement at the beginning of the meeting that all six officers involved in Thomas' apprehension have been put on administrative leave did little to dull residents' ire.

Ed Carrasco
Mayor Pro Tem Don Bankhead (left), Mayor Dick Jones and Councilwoman Sharon Quirk-Silva

Some 70 people were allowed to speak for three minutes each during the public comments. Mayor Dick Jones announced around 9 p.m. that public comments would be suspended at 10 p.m., in order for the city to deal with business that didn't involve employees allegedly beating to death an unarmed, mentally ill person. (I'm paraphrasing that last part.)

Ed Carrasco
Tony Bushala takes to the podium to threaten three councilmembers with a recall petition

After a great deal of venting of community anger, a bit of news emerged near the end of public comments. Tony Bushala, who runs the Friends for Fullerton's Future blog, announced that, within 72 hours, he would circulate a petition asking for the recall of Don Bankhead, Jones and McKinley, the three Fullerton council members who have not gone on record demanding that a city-owned surveillance tape of the area where Thomas died be released to the public.

UPDATE, AUG. 3, 5:35 P.M.: In addition to taking photos, writer/photographer Ed Carrasco gathered these reactions from Fullerton residents in the crowd after the meeting:

"The council was stonewalling and bullshitting [tonight]. If they don't do what we want, we will remove them! We will do everything we can to get this recall through. If not, rest assured that Bankhead, Jones and McKinley will not be re-elected when their terms are up." -- Andy Anderson

"The people here tonight are angry. [Chief] Seller is as corrupt as the officers he oversees. It starts from the top." -- Erin Lewis

"I apologize as a Fullerton resident [for the abuse by the six police officers]. I am thankful that the audience tonight understand that the city has graceful and understanding people, not like the six sadistic cops.... If I were a police officer, I would be angry that these officers weren't taken out of the force soon." -- Courtney Long

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