Woman Tossed by Cop and Boy Who Fell Into Beach Fire Pit File Claims Against Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach City Council members had a couple interesting claims against the city worth discussing in closed session this week.

One involves a woman who alleges a city police officer threw her to the ground while breaking up a fight. Her paperwork only indicates she is seeking more than $10,000 from Surf City.

We do know the desired amount of the second claim: $500,000.

That would compensate a Hemet family whose 6-year-old boy fell into a Huntington City Beach fire pit.

As Main Street bars were closing at 2 a.m. on March 26, friends who had celebrated a birthday party that had moved from Beachfront 301 to Tuna Town to Black Bull Chop House got read to take a cab home. But one member of the party, 34-year-old Marcia Moses of Huntington Beach, got into an argument with a 21-year-old woman that turned into a chick fight. You know, shoving, followed by hair pulling, followed by those lunging punches we all love so well.

Heed the word.
A male friend of Moses wound up punching the younger woman, leading to his arrest. Huntington Beach Police say Moses then intervened, causing an officer to push her away and that she then tripped over her own high heel. But Moses' attorney claims that as she was getting up from the fight, an officer threw her back onto the ground, knocking her out cold.

Moses later awoke in an ambulance with a concussion, a broken wrist and an arrest for allegedly interfering with a police officer, although she ultimately was not charged. She and her attorney filed a claim in court Aug. 4 stating that excessive police force caused her to sustain the concussion and broken wrist as well as post-concussive syndrome, emotional distress, pain and suffering. A claim is generally the first step one takes before filing a lawsuit against a city.

Hmmm,  post-concussive syndrome . . . sounds like legaleze for "more than $10,000," doesn't it?

Seth Richardson was flying a kite with his father near Tower 11 at Huntington City Beach on April 17 when he fell backwards into a fire pit  that still had smoldering embers inside. He was treated for weeks at UCI's Regional Burn Center in Orange for second- and third-degree burns on his right arm and the right side of his chest, according to his family's claim, which adds the boy still returns to doctors every other week for follow-up care.

The complaint filed Aug. 10 against the city claims Huntington Beach is liable for Seth's injuries because the fire pit was not properly maintained. The family says it has a photograph taken by a police officer that shows a side of the concrete pit crumbled away to sand level.

According to an Orange County Register report, three lawsuits involving beach fire pits have been filed against the city in recent years, while two others have been lodged against the state for incidents at Huntington State Beach.

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outdoor fountains
outdoor fountains

     * Enjoy the ambiance safely: It is a good idea to invest in a screen to protect you from flying sparks, as well as protect the fire from gusts of wind. You should also never leave the fire unattended or let children play close to the fire.

HB Native
HB Native

They should have left well enough alone and left the original Main Street intact... 

Now, with all the crazy drunks of Marcia Moses' (and her chivalrous "male friend's") ilk, the place isn't even safe anymore.  If you ask me, she needs to be "thrown to the ground" a few times to knock some sense (and maybe some class) into her.


It's so sad how Huntington Beach has turned into a white-trash (no offense to white people) beach town.  I grew up in the harbor area and noticed that HB has become the aspirational city of the Inland Empire (just look at the westbound 91fwy traffic during the weekends and summer season in the morning...then the eastbound 91 traffic during the evenings).  Couple that with low housing rates and the downtown strip of bars and you have trouble.  I'm just glad the Neo-Nazis are gone.  I just wish HB could be a little more like Manhattan Beach, or Redondo Beach.  These lawsuits are definitely not going to help the city...the city attorney is a joke (she has a DUI while in office).  Why she runs unopposed can only lead one to assume that HB either doesn't have any resident JDs or the whole city is a mess.


Brandon Garvin
Brandon Garvin

Heh... then you haven't been to the IE lately. I fucking hate living here, I'd much rather live in OC (fuck LA). The mentality people have out here, for the most part, is that the IE is somehow a sister city to Los Angeles. I guess most of my hatred for the IE is founded in baseball, seeing as I'm a big Angels and Giants fan. Still though, HB is not that bad compared to the IE.


It will never be like those two beaches its in the OC. The fakest county in the world, full of white people that couldnt afford to live in LA's nicest areas. They think they live in beverly hills. All thoseskank white women do make me love the OC. All those old cougars are getting pounded sillly by me!


Fuck off Timmy. You couldn't sell your little pencil dick to those old cougars if you begged them. And honey, I can more than afford to live in the Hills, but it's too close to Plastic City. I KNOW I'm not in Beverly Hills, I'm somewhere far better. And WHITER.

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