[UPDATED: City Approves Stadium Agreement] NFL (Likely) Returning to Los Angeles: Sorry Irvine, No Team/Stadium For You

This stadium illustration may become a reality by as early as 2016.
UPDATE, AUG. 9, 2:22 P.M.: The Los Angeles Chargers of San Diego are coming! (One can only hope.)

​Earlier this afternoon the Los Angeles City Council voted 12-0 in favor of a tentative agreement with Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG), which outlines the framework for financing the $1.2 billion dollar NFL stadium and relocation of the Los Angeles Convention Center. While the vote is a major indicator that Farmers Field is going to be built, it is just the beginning of negotiations with AEG, which is expected to span nine months. If the project moves forward as currently planned, the 72,000-seat stadium is expected to open for the 2016 season.

Part of the presentation prior to the vote focused on how the stadium project will create jobs for Angelenos. City officials anticipate that the project could create more than 14,000 construction jobs and 6,300 permanent jobs, according to the LA Times report.

Max Kellerman, a sports radio host with ESPN, has expressed his sincere belief that once the stadium agreement is ironclad and the city can begin negotiating with NFL franchises who may be willing to relocate to LA, that the San Diego Chargers, who are unhappy with their current stadium situation, will end up calling Farmers Field its home. The Jacksonville Jaguars, Minnesota Vikings, Oakland Raiders and St. Louis Rams have also been linked to a possible franchise relocation in order to move into the stadium.

Not in the OC, there ain't.
ORIGINAL POST, FEB. 1, 4:59 P.M.: This morning, AEG and its head honcho, Tom Leiweke, announced what most every Angeleno and Southland citizen has been hearing for the past couple years: LA's on the cusp of building a $1 billion stadium and hopes to bring an NFL franchise back to the area. There was one bit of new news: if and when that team comes, it could be calling Farmers Field its home. 

Which begs the question: What does Los Angeles have that Irvine doesn't?!

Okay, we kid. We know that no NFL player with heaps of cash and a body pumped full of 'roid rage would really want to live within the cookie-cutter confines of a city with one of the country's lowest crime rates. No NFL player wants that sort of attention, aside from Plaxico Burress.

Did anyone really believe Irvine and its proposed El Toro Marine Corps Air Station location stood a chance over downtown Los Angeles?

Oh, really? You did? And what exactly did you plan to call this Irvine franchise: Irvine Spectrums? Irvine 405ers? Irvine Nice Guys? We got a good one: Irvine Anteaters. (Yeah, right, like that makes any sense! What? Oops. Sorry, UCI.) 

No reason to bicker; it ain't happening. AEG has Farmers Insurance signed to a $700 million deal for naming rights--Farmers Field, such a fitting name for a stadium sitting in the middle of a major metropolis, right?--and now it just needs to find a team willing to move in. 

The leading candidates for relocation, per the sportswriters' rumor mill, are the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Oakland Raiders (oh, yay, wouldn't we love to have them . . . again), the Minnesota Vikings (pictures of Brett Favre's manhood are not included in the deal) and the San Diego Chargers.

It also needs to get the city to sign-off on a final decision to allow the group to break ground, which would demolish the old convention center across the street from the home of the Lakers, the Staples Center. It also needs a $350-million bond from the city. And, again, a team. 

An NFL franchise is coming. We think.

Eh, probably not. What's a few more years of incessant talk and zero delivery? Maybe it's not too late for Irvine to sweeten the deal.

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having lived in irvine from 13 to mid 30's i know that at athletes would have no trouble living in the city...as was said eric dickerson lived there.. had friends that met him once.  also kevin greene lived there during his time with the rams.  i know because on a mnf telecast there was a local post-game show and they were doing a live spot from greene's home...i really noticed because one of my best friends little sister was there among the partiers (saw her in the background and had known her since she was little, no mistaking who she was)...not sure how much interaction greene had with her but she was about 15-16 yrs old at the time..lol

Daniel Hernandez
Daniel Hernandez

If the Irvine supremacist stay out of the L.A. football stadium, they'll be just fine.


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Michael Franklin
Michael Franklin

LA had the Rams. They moved away. LA then bribed the Raiders to town. They got a divorce and went back home.Who's the next contestant? Whose fans will be the next to be beaten to a bloody pulp by thugs in the parking lot?

Dan Chmielewski
Dan Chmielewski

"Okay, we kid. We know that no NFL player with heaps of cash and a body pumped full of 'roid rage would really want to live within the cookie-cutter confines of a city with one of the country's lowest crime rates. No NFL player wants that sort of attention, aside from Plaxico Burress."

Eric Dickerson lived in Irvine when he played for the Rams when they played at Anaheim Stadium; you might have heard of him.....

Dan Chmielewski
Dan Chmielewski

The Irvine Stadium idea has been dead for years....honestly, a 13 year old link is your proof. 

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