Strike Count at Angel Stadium is 0-2 as Second Union of Big A Workers Authorizes Picketing

As the red-hot Angels head into the home stretch, the second biggest question after will they make the playoffs is will there be any stadium workers there to assist fans.

Food service workers, who hand out the beer and hot dogs, this week joined ushers, janitors, ticket takers and ticket sellers is authorizing a strike. The 800 food and beverage workers, who don't actually work for the Arte Moreno-owned baseball franchise or city-owned Angel Stadium but independent contractor Aramark, are represented in contract negotiations by Unite Here Local 11.

They have not had a wage increase since 2009, their union contract has expired and the offer on the table would amount to a wage freeze and reduced healthcare benefits for the next several years, according to a statement sent to the Weekly today by Unite Here spokeswoman Leigh Shelton.

"I have served Angel fans for 28 years, and I love cheering on the Angels to victory," Barbara Rainey, an Aramark worker, says in the same release. "But management must remember that we help create the wonderful ballpark experience that keeps fans coming back, and for our hard work we deserve a fair wage and decent healthcare."

Pretty much the same issues driving the strike vote by the Big A's janitors, ticket-takers and ushers, 400 of whom are represented by SEIU United Service Workers West.

"We continue to bargain in good faith and are hopeful that we will be able to reach an agreement soon," reads a statement sent to the Weekly by Aramark's Nicole Kennedy. "Our people are a very important part of our business, and we greatly appreciate their contributions."

It adds, "We have contingency plans in place to ensure continued service."

The Weekly has yet to hear back from Angels management.

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John Boy
John Boy

SEIU is also known as the illegal alien union.  Most of these jobs are part time since the Angels are not only seasonal, they also are gone 1/2 of the month.  Is this a career for these people or just a fun job because of the location?  Too many people out of work and they will get the fillers until it is settled.


Anyone who works there and belongs to a union should just quit. There are plenty of people who would do anything for a job.

mitch young
mitch young

Bring in some illegals to break the strike!


Here the unions are again, this time the thugs from the SEIU beating their chests and demanding this or that.  In case those workers haven't noticed the unemployment lines, they are lucky to have a job that even has benefits.  Any employees that would let the union convince them to strike whether it be at Anaheim Stadium or the grocery markets, deserve what they get and I doubt it will be a raise.  If I were running any of those businesses and my employees walked off the job, I would write them off the books and hire non-union workers to replace them. 

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