TSA Agents No Longer Get To See You Naked

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​Soon, air travel will no longer require passengers to put on a virtual strip show.

The Transportation Security Administration announced that over the next few months, full-body scanners at airports nationwide will be upgraded with new software that eliminates "passenger-specific images" (read: X-rays of your junk). 

With this technology, to be installed on scanners with 
millimeter wave imaging technology (TSA will test similar software updates for backscatter machines in the fall), a simple "OK" will appear on the screen if travelers walk through the scanner and no suspicious items are detected. If something looks sketchy, TSA agents will see a generic body outline, along with a yellow mark indicating where the suspicious item is located. They will then perform additional screening. 

What TSA agents currently see:  

What they'll see with the new software: 
The technology addresses privacy concerns, though skeptics say it does not eliminate them. TSA agents may still investigate with those with "anomalies"--adult diapersprosthetic breastsleg braces. (We could Google this stuff for days.) And some predict that the software could even lead to more groping pat-downs since agents now don't get to see the specific suspicious items on screen. Also, the move does not address the potential health risks of X-ray scanners.  

Ah, the traveler's headache continues. 

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