Tito Ortiz Can't Drive (Part II): Wrecks His Rolls, Cries, But Fine For Upcoming UFC Fight

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"I needz driving lessons!"
The grill of ​
Tito Ortiz's white Rolls-Royce Phantom has a slight resemblance to the UFC fighter's face after recent losing bouts. The "Huntington Beach Bad Boy" got himself and his $300,000-plus Rolls into a three-car fender-bender in Costa Mesa on Sunday afternoon, according to TMZ

If you're counting (as we are) that's two car accidents in expensive vehicles in the last two months. At least he didn't target any celebrities in this instance.

A photo of the car damage after the jump.

If you had to pick up the bill on this you'd be crying too.
Everyone walked away from the accident just fine, but Ortiz tweeted later that, "I cried a little because its my favorite car but it will be new n no time."

It's unclear whether Ortiz was crying because of the damage to the car, or because he'll be footing the full bill for the repairs.

Ortiz is slated to fight Rashad Evans in the main event at UFC 133 on August 6. The former light-heavyweight champion has had a rough recent fight record, including having to back out of a few fights for a range of reasons, so we're sure Dana White and UFC were happy to hear that Ortiz is still ready to enter the octagon. 

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I guess he had to find out the hard way that it is too difficult to steer the car when you have a porn star blowing you while you drive.

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