Sources: Robert Schuller Wants Crystal Cathedral Sold to Diocese of Orange, Daughters Don't

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As I predicted a month-and-a-half ago, the Catholic Diocese of Orange is interested in buying the Crystal Cathedral from the Rev. Robert Schuller, mostly to save Bishop Tod D. Brown's ass from ever having to build the Tod Mahal that would've been Christ Our Savior Cathedral. This past weekend, OC Catholics were urged to pray for "wisdom and guidance" for Brownie's bid which, if successful, will be the first smart thing he's EVER done.

There is only one problem to the Orange diocese's plans, and it's not the competing bids by a developer and Chapman University: it's the daughters of Schuller.

Sources close to the mess (like, super super close so obviously can't be named) tell the Weekly that Schuller wants to sell out to Brownie because he wants to see the Crystal Cathedral and its surrounding complex continue as a religious institution and not succumb to the secular grasps of Chapman or the developers--a surprising development considering Schuller has always been about the money. But the daughters of Schuller, Sheila Schuller Coleman primary among them, plan to refuse Dad's request, because they don't feel that Brownie will submit the highest overall offer, and money is all they care about to save themselves and continue with their profligate spending.

Well, at least the daughters learned well from Dad! Heckuva job, Brownie!

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and how was your trio to greece sheila


turned on crystal cathedral this morning  3/2512  To my suprise there was an old rerun on from a couple of years ago. it looked like the minister who has voluntered in past was preaching from somewere other than the cathedral. if u looked close,u could see cards going by in back ground. i kept watching. it looked like to difft sundays of filming put together.if sheila started her drive in church this sunday,why were they still on the air begging for money.i feel sorry for reverend shuller. all his work down the drain. sheilas husband has bee in charge of board for years and they all live like millionaires.they have managed to destroy eveything that founding pastor shuller had done. he wants to sell to another church,so the cathedral will stay and the school can go on as another yet unamed school. shame on you sheila and your money grubbing husband for taking advantage of and elderly man. and your father at that.sham/shame.


Well, Gretchen gotta pretty big mortgage to pay on her Crystal Meth Palace in Floral Park.  Only in America can you declare bankruptcy and then buy a house for $949,000.


Wow. I'm wondering who this "close" person is? The church gossip?

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