Pedro Pimentel Rios, Accused in Civil War Atrocity, Deported to Guatemala

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Courtesy ICE
Adios, Rios.
Pedro Pimentel Rios, 54, an erstwhile maintenance worker from Santa Ana, has been deported to Guatemala to stand trial for his involvement in the most notorious massacre of that country's civil war. Along with several other suspects who have been rounded up in the US, Canada and Guatemala in recent years, Rios was a member of the elite Kaibiles, a special forces squad that committed some of the worst human rights violations of the war, and which in 1982 wiped out the entire village of Dos Erres in spectacularly brutal fashion.

The news that Rios lost his bid to avoid deportation came in the form of an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) press release issued yesterday, which stated that Rios was flown to Guatemala yesterday and immediately placed in custody by police there. For a more detailed account of the massacre Rios is alleged to have helped carry out, you can read ICE's press release or check out our original blog post on Rios.

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gabriel san roman
gabriel san roman

It's quite ironic that this process got rolling at the Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse. The namesake spoke so well of the brutal Rios Montt regime in Guatemala back in the early 80's that was allowing such atrocities to happen in the first place. ICE can slap itself on its back regarding the Rios deportation while Orlando Bosch died peacefully in Miami and Posada Carriles will probably enjoy the same.


That's some good news for a change. Maybe they will give him the wall!

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