[UPDATED with More Nuttiness:] Birthers Queen Orly Taitz Pisses Off Yet Another Federal Judge

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UPDATED, JULY 26, 4:15 P.M.: Another day, another federal judge Queen of the Birthers Orly Taitz has managed to piss off.

The latest is District Court Judge Royce C. Lamberth, who wrote of the Laguna Niguel dentist/lawyer/real-estate saleswoman--in a ruling dated Monday--"Plaintiff is either toying with the Court or displaying her own stupidity."

The stupidity stems from Taitz's case alleging President Barack Obama is using someone else's Social Security number (no doubt part of his debt-ceiling-busting scheme to bring down the whole system!).

Taitz has drawn Lamberth's wrath for failing to adhere to the court's order that she only include in her funny papers that last four digits of the Social Security number, as opposed to the whole thing. Despite repeated warnings, Taitz ain't getting it (which, as many have claimed, may be the crux of her obsession).

When Taitz admitted to making the error once but blaming subsequent fuck-ups on the court clerk, Lamberth shot back, "After making the somewhat hysterical claim in her motion for reconsideration that there may be 'an employee in this court, who is intentionally sabotaging' her, plaintiff engaged the Court's Courtroom Deputy Clerk in a lengthy, accusatory conversation. There is no logical explanation she can provide as to why she is now wasting the Court's time, as well as staff's time, with these improper redactions."

Maybe Lamberth is the crazy one for expecting logic from Orly. Because, as Marty Wisckol notes in the Orange County Register, Taitz has compiled something of a fuming federal judge list that includes:

  • Clay D. Land, who wrote that a Taitz filing was "breathtaking in its arrogance and borders on delusional. She expresses no contrition or regret regarding her misconduct. To the contrary, she continues her baseless attacks on the Court...." Land sanctioned her $20,000 for misconduct, a sum collected last month after a lien was put on her house;

  • David O. Carter, who in rejecting her Obama birthplace case in 2009 wrote, "Plaintiffs' request, asking this Court to sweep away the votes of over 69 million Americans with the stroke of a pen and order a new election during which the country would be in a state of turmoil, ignores the Constitution's processes and separation of powers that were developed by the founders";

  • Andrew Guilford, who, as the original post indicates, Taitz accuses of being part of a bizarre conspiracy with other birther lawyers trying to shut down her Social Security case.

Keep going, Orly; five more and you can field a judicial softball team.

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