Eric Naposki's Murder Alibi Defies Einstein's Space-Time Continuum

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Naposki has a surprise for Albert Einstein
Nobody alive saw Eric Naposki enter William McLaughlin's Newport Beach house, fire six hollow-tip bullets into the wealthy businessman's torso and flee the murder scene on Dec. 15, 1994. Nobody found McLaughlin's blood spatters on the former NFL linebacker. Nobody detected gunshot residue on his hands. Nobody ever asserted that Naposki confessed to the killing.

Yet, regardless of those undisputed facts, the best prosecution witness in Naposki's ongoing murder trial inside Orange County's central courthouse has been, well, Naposki. And he's accomplished that feat without testifying.

Indeed, it's almost guaranteed that without his post-murder statements to police detectives, the case against him wouldn't have ever made it into a courtroom.

Taped interviews demonstrate that Naposki repeatedly lied about his dating relationship with the victim's live-in girlfriend, Nanette Johnston, who prosecutor Matt Murphy calls a co-conspirator. He lied about never using firearms. He distanced himself from 9 mm ammunition and the fact that prior to the murder he bought a Beretta 92F when nobody but police and the killer knew that a Beretta 92F using 9 mm bullets dropped the wealthy 55-year-old businessman to his kitchen floor. He claimed he didn't care one iota about McLaughlin but had scribbled the man's license plate number in his personal notebook. He didn't tell police he owned a storage facility that contained three new motorcycles Johnston had purchased using McLaughlin's money just hours after his funeral.

Police eventually learned that even though Naposki and Johnston had no assets of their own, they spent the months before the killing shopping together for an Irvine home worth just under $1 million and told a Realtor they would buy when they received an expected financial windfall. McLaughlin wasn't aware of Johnston's relationship with the former member of the New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts. He unwittingly made his death her Lotto jackpot by leaving her more than $1,150,000 in his will.

Despite that evidence, the real dupe in the case is Naposki, who was oblivious to Johnston's murderous intentions that made her, not him, instantly rich, according to his defense lawyers.

But it was Naposki's bumbling, ham-fisted efforts to establish an alibi that could be the most devastating to his defense when jurors begin deliberations early next week. Why? There is this: Does an innocent person work to fabricate an alibi?

And this: There are decisive, provably honest alibis. There are inadvertently weak alibis and there are blatantly manufactured alibis.

Naposki's shifting statements look manufactured. Eight days after the murder, detectives asked him to explain his whereabouts around the time of the killing. He said that after he and Johnston attended a youth soccer match in Walnut, she dropped him off at his Tustin apartment at about "9 or 9:15" p.m.

"She dropped me off and took off," Naposki told Newport Beach Police Detective Thomas Voth. "And I got dressed and went to work later on, probably around 9:30 or quarter to 10."

(On the night of the murder, Johnston failed to tell police that she had spent the hours before the crime with Naposki and had asked a person who'd seen them at the soccer match to keep that fact from probing detectives.)

By placing himself about 10 miles away from the 9:10 p.m. murder, Naposki had voiced his first attempt at an alibi. But jurors have learned that the answers, to be kind, weren't accurate. And, once again, the defendant can blame himself because he would later abandon his first story and claim his key, contradictory alibi was an alleged 8:52 p.m. calling-card payphone call from a Denny's in Santa Ana.

In one version, Naposki says he first left his apartment at about 9:30 or 9:45. Then, in another version, he has himself leaving at least 50 minutes earlier so that he can put himself at the Denny's. That's quite a discrepancy. Will jurors notice?

Defense lawyer Angelo MacDonald has called the alleged 8:52 call from 17th Street and the 55 Freeway "a solid, reasonable, logical" alibi that made it "impossible" for Naposki to have traveled to Pacific Coast Highway in Newport Beach and shoot McLaughlin. To support that contention, the defense called private investigator James Box, who claimed he drove the route (55 to Newport Boulevard to its intersection with PCH) in almost 22 minutes. That means Naposki would have arrived about five minutes after the killing.

Box also claimed the 22-minute time frame wasn't fair to Naposki because he would have faced worse traffic. He explained that McLaughlin's murder occurred on the first night of popular annual Newport Beach boat parade. That congestion, he said, would have substantially delayed Naposki's trip even more.

OC Register media pool photo
Veteran homicide prosecutor Matt Murphy
But Murphy eviscerated Box's credibility. He got the former Garden Grove cop and organized-crime investigator in the District Attorney's office to reluctantly admit that he took a prolonged route to the murder scene and therefore had inflated the timing necessary to accomplish the crime. Jurors have heard that law enforcement officials repeatedly tested the direct route and consistently made it to McLaughlin's house in less than 15 minutes, which would have given Naposki plenty of time to carry out the murder.

(In one of the trial's most dramatic moments, Murphy got Box to repeat his claim that he'd personally verified with Chamber of Commerce officials the Dec. 15, 1994, start of their boat parade. The prosecutor then displayed a copy of a Los Angeles Times article that noted a Dec. 17, 1994, boat parade launch. Incredibly, Box remained argumentative. So, Murphy produced a signed letter from Chamber President Richard Luehrs, who declared the Dec. 17 date was correct. Box glared at the prosecutor with contempt and still refused to concede he'd misled the jury. The following day Murphy summoned Luehrs to the witness stand; the longtime Chamber official declared that it would have been ridiculous for anyone on his small staff to claim the parade began on Dec. 15 when for the 20 years surrounding 1994 it had always started on Dec. 17. The trampling left defense lawyer Gary Pohlson no choice but to ask Box if he'd "purposefully" tried the mislead the jury. "No," the PI huffed.)

OC Register media pool photo
Defense lawyer Gary Pohlson (center) ponders testimony
But the defense continued to hail the alleged 8:52 p.m. payphone call as all the reasonable doubt jurors need to let Naposki walk out of the courthouse a free man. I say alleged because there is no phone record of the call. One of the two people Naposki lawyers called to say they saw the record before it was lost by the defense was Box, but I'm not sure you could trust him if he said, "Good morning!"

Murphy believes the 8:52 call is imaginary and that it doesn't make sense given any of the alibi versions Naposki proposed in police interviews. Here's why: Phone records show that he and Johnston left the soccer field by 8:24 p.m. It takes about 26 minutes to get to Naposki's Tustin apartment near Edinger--meaning he arrived home at about 8:50 p.m.

Naposki assured police that Johnston dropped him off in his apartment complex's parking lot, he walked to his unit, changed clothes and walked back to his vehicle in the parking lot.

Murphy to Box: How much time would Naposki need to do all of that? Answer: About six minutes, which is extremely conservative given that Naposki told police he spent about 15 or 30 minutes inside his apartment before leaving.

The prosecutor then asked Box if he was aware of any "Bermuda Triangle-type problems" on the night of the murder that would have altered the "space-time continuum."

"No," he meekly replied, apparently anticipating that he was going to be embarrassed again.

Murphy asked the PI how Naposki made a payphone call from Denny's at 8:52 p.m. when he couldn't have left his apartment complex parking lot, three miles away, until no earlier than 8:56 p.m.

With all the jurors staring at him, a defeated, red-faced Box sat there looking uncomfortable.

But Naposki's alibi is even more troubling than that scenario. For some reason (perhaps to keep himself away from the 9:10 p.m. murder), he added another bizarre trip to his alibi. Though he claimed he was in a rush to get to work and was already late, he told police he also drove northbound on the 55--in the opposite direction of his Newport Beach job--to visit a friend who lived in North Tustin. (He gave no reason for making the trip.) He did say, however, that he drove by the man's house, then turned around, drove to Denny's, made his call and then drove to his job at the Thunderbird nightclub across the street from McLaughlin's home.

Here's the bizarre timeline for that alibi: He leaves his apartment complex at 8:56 p.m. and takes a seven-mile diversion before arriving at the Denny's to make an 8:52 p.m. call.

The Twilight Zone missed an exciting episode.

By the way, the person Naposki claims he called that night doesn't remember it.

(MacDonald has attempted to convince jurors that Naposki arrived at his parking lot by 8:48 p.m., but, as best I recall, the New York-based lawyer never got a witness to introduce that piece of evidence. What he did was load that assertion into one of his questions: Wasn't Johnston's Cadillac STS fast? Of course, questions by lawyers are not evidence and Naposki decided not to brave a battle with Murphy by taking the witness stand. In the final analysis, magically shaving four minutes from the trip still would not have given Naposki time to make the 8:52 p.m. call--unless--could it be? He used a shortcut to go back in time in one of those wormholes Morgan Freeman has been yapping about on a science documentary series.)

Albert & Earth to Eric: Use your head, boy.
How about a different scenario? There was no 8:52 call. Johnston drove Naposki from Walnut directly to Newport Beach, dropped him off and went to South Coast Plaza. After the crime, Naposki jogged the 52 seconds it takes to get from the crime scene to the Thunderbird.

It sure would be nice to know what Johnston and Naposki said to each other during their phone conversation at about 1:40 a.m. on Dec. 16, 1994, just after police let her leave the crime scene and when Naposki might have needed a ride home from his job.

Could Naposki have asked, "Do police suspect us?" and "When are you coming to pick me up?"

Maybe she asked him, "Why did you stupidly leave the house key in McLaughlin's front door?"

Sure, I'm speculating, but that scenario seems more plausible than the space-time-warping 8:52 phone call alibi.

In its closing argument on Monday, the defense--Naposki is fortunate that he has two superb, veteran lawyers--undoubtedly will try to explain why I am mistaken.

--R. Scott Moxley / OC Weekly

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Nothing changes Murphy out for blood to improve his record Eric Naposki shouldn't be the scape GOAT.



Nice try at trying to twist the facts, but you are taking all the best assumptions that you have heard from the media and trying to mash them up to your liking.

A. You are correct that Eric probably ran into his house for no more than 30 seconds to grab his goods, then proceed to stop by his old house in Tustin (And if Nanette drove 80 mph, she would have made it to Tustin in around 20 minutes, dropping Eric off at 8:44pm, a few minutes earlier that driving 60 mph)B. Denny's is located right off the 55 fwy, less than 1/2 mile from his old house (that explains why he would have pulled over there)C. The former attorney, Bailey, who is now a judge had the phone bill for several years and claims it is probably in a storage with hundreds of thousands of other court documents he has. There is NO QUESTION that there was an 8:52 phone call to the Thunderbird nightclub and Greg Mullholland, the owner, gave the police his statement back in 1995 that he accepted the call from Naposki. Bailey wrote a letter to the DA in 1995 when he had the evidence and THEY DROPPED THE CASE AS A RESULT! Also, he gave it to the police -- they lost it, he gave the story to the media and they printed it! D. You are not up to finish out the rest of the timeline because you know it is IMPOSSIBLE to make it to Newport Beach, find parking, pull out weapons, hide your identity and then run across heavy traffic undetected and commit a murder all within the 15 or 16 minute time frame (No time to plan, no time to survey the area and no time to walk the perimeter and wait for the right time to commit the murder)E. It is very suspicious that McLaughlin's son was home on the night of the event when he religiously was at his Drugs Anonymous meeting on Thursday nights and it is very suspicious how initial reports in 1994 put the time of death at 9:04pm. I bet the son heard the shots around 9:04pm, slowly walked out from his room, yelled out downstairs to his dad, waited until he thought it was safe then made his way down the stairs -- a feat that would take around 4 or 5 minutes at the very least -- then he probably looked at the victim, checked to see his condition for a minute or two until her realized that he was unresponsive -- then it probably took him another minute or two to get up and grab a phone, make a 911 call and wait for an operator -- 9:11pm call makes senseF. Of course you find it interesting that the former business partner who battled McLaughlin for 6 YEARS and lost MILLIONS of DOLLARS just one week before the murder could be the culprit. This guy was in a rage, was a former friend and partner to McLaughlin, had access to the house, and LOST 9 MILLION DOLLARS in what I heard was a very volatile and nasty case! It doesn't take a genius to see that this guy probably planned the murder, hired a contract killer and had planned a solid alibi well in advance. BAM! End of story, Dumbo, I mean Columbo. Pull your head out of the hole and look at what was really going on, not what you pulled out of various stories you read.


What a joke Sherlock! What kind of an idiot would drive to their friends house when they are already running late for work?! And in the opposite direction?! Oh, I know... The same kind of idiot that goes shopping for a million dollar home who is totally broke. And the same idiot who doesn't mind his girlfriend buying him luxuries with another man's money. And this idiot was calling Nanette the week before they were arrested in 09 asking her for money. After 15 years he still had expectations of her supporting him. Sorry, your pal Eric is more then responsible for creating his current situation. If he is so innocent then he would have been forthright from day one in his interviews. When you have nothing to hide you hide nothing.


The best answer to Police questions= I have nothing to say with out the presence of My attorney...


Thanks for clarifying the alleged reason he drove north to the Denny's, instead of south to the Thunderbird.


Sherlock, let's look over this again, shall we.... 8:24pm - Nanette's phone call recorded after she left Walnut Sports Park, heading toward Tustin (Nanette was known to drive fast in her new high powered Cadillac STS)--JUST HOW FAST DID SHE NEED TO BE GOING IN THIS LITTLE STS (THAT MCLAUGHLIN BOUGHT FOR HER, UNDOUBTABLY) TO MAKE IT BACK TO NEWPORT BY 8:48??  8:48pm - Naposki gets dropped off and grabs items from house before driving to his former house in Tustin to visit friends who still live there--EVEN IF HE WAS DROPPED OFF AT 8:48, HE HAD APPROXIMATELY 15-30 SECONDS TO 'GRAB ITEMS FROM THE HOUSE', GET IN THE CAR, START THE CAR, AND BE IN A FORWARD MOVING POSITION IF HE WANTED TO GET TO THAT DENNY'S BY 8:52.8:52pm - Realizes he is running late and pulls over to Denny's at 55 fwy and 17th street to make phone call to club owner (This call was validated in 1995 and 2011 by Naposki's then attorney, Julian Bailey -- now a judge in Orange County)--THIS IS MY FAVORITE.  THIS PARTICULAR DENNY'S IS NOT 'ON THE WAY' TO TUSTIN. HE WOULD HAVE HAD TO TRAVEL THE WRONG DIRECTION TO TUSTIN (TO A HOME WHERE HE USED TO LIVE, AS YOU STATED) TO 'PULL OVER' AT THIS PARTICULAR DENNY'S AT 8:52 (WHICH IS STILL NOTHING LESS THAN SUPERHERO POWERS TO GET THERE BY THEN AFTER AN 8:48 DROP OFF--SEE ABOVE)…NOW, LET’S TALK ABOUT HIS 1995 LAWYER (*NOW A JUDGE, THANKS FOR THE CLARIFICATION)…NOW, I’M NO LAWYER…ERR JUDGE…BUT IF I HAD COME ACROSS A DOCUMENT THAT ALIBIED MY CLIENT, FRIEND, MOTHER, COUSIN, WHOEVER, I AM PRETTY SURE I WOULD HAVE MADE A COPY, OR 50. HECK, WHY NOT PASS THEM OUT LIKE PARTY FLYERS TO ANYONE WHO WOULD TAKE THEM?? THE MORE PEOPLE THAT KNOW ABOUT MY INNOCENSE, THE BETTER OFF I’D BE WHEN LOOKING FOR WITNESSES TO THE PHONE CALL WHEN I AM BEING TRIED IN 2011, RIGHT??8:54pm - pulls out of parking lot and continues to make a quick stop by former house in Tustin to tell friends to stop by the Thunderbird that night (states that Thursdays are the busiest and best nights to attend)--THE REST OF YOUR TIMELINE IS A WASTE. I DELETED IT FOR YOU.IMPORTANT FACT: One week before McLaughlin was killed, he finished a 6 year legal battle against his former partner, Jay Fischel. Fischel lost 9 million dollars and legal fees and it was heard that he made threats to McLaughlin. Insiders know the legal battle was highly volatile and clearly it shows a high level of emotional motive to kill someone.—WHILE THIS IS INTERESTING, YES, THIS MAN HAD AN ACTUAL SOLID ALIBI—UNLIKE YOUR BOY ERIC, WHO IS PULLING ALIBI STORIES OUT OF A HAT UNTIL ONE FITS… A BIT SHAKEY…AND THERE IS ALSO NO EVIDENCE THAT THESE PREVIOUS BUSINESS PARTNERS WANTED TO KILL MCLAUGHLIN OR EVEN SAID THEY DID…BUT WAIT FOR IT…REMEMBER THAT WITNESS WHO STATED ERIC HAD MADE THOSE STATEMENTS…SOMETHING ALONG THE LINES OF ‘I WANT TO BLOW UP HIS PLANE’? HMMMM, NOW THERE’S SOMETHING I MIGHT LOOK INTO FURTHER. MIGHT WANT TO GET YOUR STORY STRAIGHT BEFORE YOU GO ATTACKING THE PRESS FOR FACTUAL MISHAPS. 

Joe Descorps
Joe Descorps

Pure stupidity. OC Weekly is clearly run by zit faced, depressed -- sorry I was always a loser in school and got beat up a lot type of pot smoking morons. Even the parents of these dipwads hated the kids, or they actually liked them and the parents are class A dipwads, too!


He should have taken a plea deal, what a fool


Joe, Joe, calling is so primal. If you aren't getting YOUR facts from the media (as I assume you are), may I inquire where you are getting such an array of defense driven explanations? Have you been sitting in the court room during this trial? And if you are, I can only assume you have a very flexible job, you are part of the defense team, or you are directly connected to Naposki in some way. A.--> are you assuming the freeways were clear? And there was no back up on the 55 exit ramp onto Newport Blvd.? That is some nifty math! B. -->But the Denny's is STILL in the wrong direction of heading to Tustin...seems like a strange place to pull over to CALL the Thunderbird when you were almost TO the Thunderbird. ok...nitty gritty.... C. IF this phone call document was "probably in storage", I would have every person on God's green earth going through that storage closet to find it.  That document would clear him of the accusations...I find it odd that a defense team wouldn't try harder to find the document to acquit their client.  I STILL CONTEND that one measly copy of proof of my innocence isn't enough...well clearly it isn't, since it is "lost." Where is 'ol Greg the Thunderbird owner now? And sorry Joe, but if we're trying this case based on the 'word' of the people Naposki is friends with, convincing anyone with a brain is going to be difficult.  And speaking of Media being a good stated the media printed this info back in 1995...weren't you just telling me to get my head out of the...what was it?? HOLE and stop believing the media? hmmmm D.  Well when you put it that way. NO. hahahhahahahhaha....pull out weapons?? find parking?? You crack me up!  He didn't need to find parking, Nannette dropped him off, then headed over to Crate and Barrel for HER alibi...there's the brains of the duo. There was ONE weapon, not that much to pull out...and btw, it was the same type of gun Mr. Naposki owned but mysteriously misplaced...maybe it's with the phone record document?? Let's talk traffic...didn't you say there must not have been a lot of traffic if Nannette was able to make that drive so quickly...if there was no traffic on the freeway, could there have been that must more congestion on Newport Blvd.?? And let's not forget the killer left keys to the house on the front porch--GENIUS!--so perhaps the killer had a more sleuth way of getting onto the premises.  If ya got a key, ya might have some other handy dandy tricks up your sleeve...perhaps courtesy of Nannette??? E.  I don't find this suspicious at all. His son had nothing to gain by killing his father. No motive.  Case closed on the son. Btw, again with getting the facts straight, it was an AA meeting, not drugs. Remember he had been hit by a drunk driver...or did you skip that part in your readings? F. This man didn't have 'access' to the house. Nice try.  Who had better access than Nannette and her slimy furtive boyfriend.  Did you forget they were carrying on an affair? Seems like more motive than this other multimillion dollar man or the son.  A hired killer seems like a bit much when there is an abundance of evidence pointing back to Eric and Nannette.

G.—I’m adding a letter here because there is so much other evidence that convicts this guy that has been left out.  Couple of morsels I like:

-Naposki is seen making keys at an Ace Hardware store a few weeks before the murder —just like the keys found at the murder scene

-Naposki REPEATADLY lies to the police about his whereabouts the night of the murder—who lies when they are innocent???

-Nannette tells her ex husband to NOT say she was at the soccer game with Eric to the prodding police detectives. Why not? Something to hide dazzling duo??

-He has NO money, yet is shopping for million dollar homes in Irvine with Nannette (who stands to inherit a LARGE sum of money if McLaughlin dies?) AND, they tell the realtor they are expecting a financial windfall?? From where? Wishing on a shooting star?

-And certainly let’s not forget Naposki’s notebook (recovered from his car) where McLaughlin’s license plate number was written down? Now, why would you have this man’s license plate number if you didn’t intend to “get in touch” with him for some reason? I am not sure what hole you think my head is in, but you might want to jump over and stuff yours in too. I am certain the jury is in the same hole. See if you can get in touch with the prison start reserving your jail-house visit times with Eric, he’s gonna be in there a while.

Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes

Lets see, the media has gotten just about nothing right on this thing. Here is what probably really happened on the night of the event:

5:30pm - leaves for Walnut game to watch Nanette's son play soccer (LA County boundary)8:24pm - Nanette's phone call recorded after she left Walnut Sports Park, heading toward Tustin (Nanette was known to drive fast in her new high powered Cadillac STS)8:48pm - Naposki gets dropped off and grabs items from house before driving to his former house in Tustin to visit friends who still live there8:52pm - Realizes he is running late and pulls over to Denny's at 55 fwy and 17th street to make phone call to club owner (This call was validated in 1995 and 2011 by Naposki's then attorney, Julian Bailey -- now a judge in Orange County)8:54pm - pulls out of parking lot and continues to make a quick stop by former house in Tustin to tell friends to stop by the Thunderbird that night (states that Thursdays are the busiest and best nights to attend)9:05pm - he leaves Tustin house and travels toward Newport Lido area9:20pm - arrives in traffic sign at 17th street exit where 55 fwy ends (delayed by at least 3 or 4 more minutes due to regular and holiday traffic)9:35pm - arrives in Lido area only to find that parking takes at least ten minutes to find a spot9:45pm - walks a few blocks to the Thunderbird at the time he said he arrived there

IMPORTANT FACT: One week before McLaughlin was killed, he finished a 6 year legal battle against his former partner, Jay Fischel. Fischel lost 9 million dollars and legal fees and it was heard that he made threats to McLaughlin. Insiders know the legal battle was highly volatile and clearly it shows a high level of emotional motive to kill someone.

Can you say CONTRACT KILLING and make sure there is a solid alibi if you paid somebody to carry out the murder?


Dumbo, Still as stupid as you were a few hours ago.

First off, I am assuming there was traffic on the 55 at the Newport exit. It appears you know that too -- adding to the fact that he could not have made that trip down to Newport very quickly.

Next, you are also right that Denny's is north of his Tustin apartment. He had a former house where his former roommates lived and he oftern stopped by the Tustin house to pick things up and talk to his buddies. Very common for Naposki to do this -- and most likely he did do this -- his former roommate tesitifed that Eric came by on a Thursday night and invited him to the Thunderbird in the first two weeks of December. Remember, hardly anybody had a cell phone back then unless they wanted to spend $500 bucks a month for talking 100  - 200 minutes a month on the phone.

As far as the phone call being documented at 8:52, that is the testimony of a California judge by friend. A JUDGE has testified to that. He saw the bill, he gave the police the bill and he sent a letter to the DA in 1995. They lost it. How convenient. It is now 17 years later moron and Greg Mullholland is long gone and not available to testify. How convenient, huh.

So, McLaughlin's son had nothing to gain? He threatened his dad, told him he was going to kill him and take all his money and possessions and had drug dealers coming over to the house on a regular basis to drop off his drugs. By the way, if you heard his own sister testify -- Kevin McLaughlin was attending DA and AA for over a year straight and he was a drug user and alcoholic -- stupid ass! Who do you think ended up with 1/3 of the 55 million inheritance -- yeah, Kevin you dumb ass!

The partner didn't have access to the house, really? Are you that stupid? These guys were friends who had keys to each other's houses and offices in many cities. It would have been very easy to make copies and hand them off to a contract killer when the time was right. Man, you are stupid and I am winning so bad I feel sorry for your ignorance and lack of knowledge.

Naposki made keys at Ace Hardware in Tustin and ALL their keys had a stamp that said "TUSTIN ACE HARDWARE" on one side, along with their phone number. The key at the house did NOT say "TUSTIN ACE HARDWARE."  The hardware guy said he made keys for Naposki for his storage and for the Tustin Tiller Days. The keys Naposki had made WERE NOT like the ones found in the keyhole, you douche hole!

Naposki did not lie to police, almost a month later he told the police what he recollected on his whereabouts. Try telling me what you did 3 weeks ago on Thursday night at 9pm. I'm sure it was hanging out at home spying on the hot neighbor or something similar, right dipwad?

Here is something you are right about. Nanette told her asswipe ex-husband to tell police that he did not see Nanette and Eric together at the soccer game. If Eric knew something was going to happen that night, would he really have gone to the soccer game and be seen all around town with this woman while plotting to kill her sugar daddy fiance/business partner?

You say he has no money but no money to a former pro ball player means having $1,000 in the bank, $1,000 in your pocket and the ability to make $2,000 in one week. Remember, Eric went to Canada a few months later and made $30k in three months then left for Barcelona the next year and earned $40k for 4 months and $20k for appearances in Europe during that time. That went on for 2 years and he got a bonus for winning the World Bowl in 1997 and being named the defensive MVP of the game. Not making millions but anything near $100k like he was earning was far more than a single guy needed at that time. Nanette was the one who had the motives and desire to live in a million dollar house.

Lastly, the car license was written down because McLaughlin's car was parked in front of the Seashore house and Naposki did not know who's car it was. It was going to be towed.

So, Dumbo, please see that you are outmatched here and your theories are so driven by what you have read and the incorrect information you have heard. The truth to this matter is that there is three likely suspects that most likely hired somebody to kill McLaughlin, all of which, are not Naposki. Look at the people who actually benefited from the death and you will find the likely suspects.

By the way, not need to apologize for your stupidity. I simply find it a lack of research and knowledge and physically impossible for you to know the truth. The media shares their take on things and everyone believes what they hear as the truth. So many inaccuracies in this story and I can see how you believe the pack of lies from different sources you have heard.


When the jury comes back with a guilty verdict you can apologize. And please, without all the name calling and 16 year old vocabulary this time. It is truly demoralizing to your "intelligence." 

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