Monica C. Lozano, La Opinion CEO, Gets Visited Today by UC Students and Costumed Disney Workers

Monica C. Lozano
Dozens of University of California students and Disney Resort workers in costumes plan to protest this morning outside the La Opinion office building in downtown Los Angeles.

Perhaps this will make sense with a little more context. Another UC tuition hike has been proposed. The union representing hotel workers in Anaheim's Disney Resort district wants a new contract. The Disney Corp. receives state tax breaks. Monica C. Lozano, the CEO of the media company that includes La Opinion, sits on the boards of Disney and the UC Regents.

Clear as mud?

Maybe this tip sheet from UNITE HERE Local 11 will help.

As a UC Regent, Lozano has approved repeated tuition hikes, while simultaneously serving on the Disney corporate board, which last year won millions in potential tax breaks.

One such tax break, an Enterprise Zone distinction in Anaheim, could bring Disney more than $1 million in tax savings just by hiring 100 employees throughout the year, including student summer hires.

"As a UC Regent Monica Lozano is assisting in the devastation of California higher education, while getting paid by Disney, which is getting huge tax breaks," said
Joe Silva, a UCLA student. "Disney made $4.4 billion in net profit last year--does it really need a tax break?"

Here's guessing Silva and his comrades answer no when the fun begins around 11:30 a.m. in front of La Opinion at 700 S. Flower St., Los Angeles.

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mitch young
mitch young

 Even notice how the Mexican elite, or even the Mexican-American elite, is white. I mean, this woman is so white that if she was visiting Andalucia, she'd be mistaken for a guiri.

mitch young
mitch young

School Daze dealt with 'colorism' within the black community. 

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