Unidentified Man in His 40s, OC Homicide No. 29: Shot in Anaheim Park

Categories: 2011 Homicides
Anaheim police received a call about a man who had been shot at Julianna Park around 10 Monday night.

Officers arrived to find him suffering from a single gunshot wound. The yet-to-be-identified man was taken to UCI Medical Center in Orange, where he was pronounced dead just before 11 p.m.

Details are sketchy. According to witnesses, some sort of gang activity took place before the man in his 40s was shot, but police do not believe he belonged to a gang.

Police do not have a description of the shooter or shooters.

Detectives were combing the park near Pratt and East Julianna streets for clues this morning.

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I live less than a mile away. This tells me that armed gangsters are walking the streets of Anaheim at all hours of the day. Last year there were two murders in a span of 3 days, one about 100 yards from my door and the other about a mile away.

About a month ago, 12 year old "baby gangster" Juan "R2D2" Martinez is murdered by a rival gangster 10 minutes after the day ended at Sycamore Jr. High. The city is infested with illegal aliens and their gangster anchor babies. Nearly every school in Anaheim is considered a failure. It's not the school's fault, it's the majority anchor baby kids that have no desire to learn. They know they will do just fine as a gangster, until they are killed or sent to prison. The city does nothing to end the insanity, the state will do nothing, the feds will do nothing. Meanwhile my family is trapped in this ghetto city called Anaheim. If you live in the one square mile that surrounds Disneyland, you are safe and sound. We don't need any stories of visitors from around the world getting killed by gangsters. If you live outside the "buffer zone", you're on your own.

Anaheim is no different from Baghdad, there is an armed gangster on every corner with a drug fried brain and no respect for human life.


you need to look around you and realize anaheim is  not a bad city.. just like everywhere in the world, it has its good and bad parts. r2d2 was not a "gangster" by the way, get your facts right before you start talking about things you dont know

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