Pancakes and Harbor Cruising for a Cause

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If you cruise by American Legion Post 291 on East 15th Street on the bay side of the Balboa Pen Monday morning, you'll find Orange County sheriff's officials, American Legion Yacht Club members and several children and their families aboard an Electra Cruise Ship (not necessarily the one shown here).

They won't be reenacting the opening of a Fellini film but munching on pancakes and preparing for a Make-A-Wish Foundation harbor cruise.

The Electra Cruise Ship is scheduled to dock outside the American Legion Post at 10 a.m. for a 11:30 a.m. departure--after the pancakes, of course.

So if you see people over the side of a tub followed by a trail of batter . . .

OK, let's keep it positive, as Sheriff Sandra Hutchens does when she says in a department release, "We greatly admire the Make-A-Wish Foundation and their dedication to the kids and their families. We are happy to do whatever we can to give back to the organization which has done so much for so many children."

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