[UPDATED with Parole Denied:] Jerry Michael Wade Poses Risk to Public Safety, DA Says of 64-Year-Old Inmate in Wheelchair

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Jerry Michael Wade
UPDATE, JULY 12, 5:07 P.M.: Score another victory for District Attorney Tony Rackauckas when it comes to keeping a killer locked up.

The state prison's parole board in Vacaville denied parole today for Jerry Michael Wade, 64, who shot and killed a complete stranger he was attempting to rob on an Orange street in 1972.

Wade will be eligible for his next parole hearing in 2014.

ORIGINAL POST, JULY 12, 8:47 A.M.: As part of its Life in Prison special series, San Diego public television station KPBS sent journalists to the California Medical Facility in Vacaville. Producer Angela Carone snapped photos of elderly inmates for the program that aired in January. Jerry Michael Wade was among those Carone captured to illustrate California's rising population of inmates over 55.

Sixty-four-year-old Wade is now getting a differnt kind of attention: Orange County Senior Deputy District Attorney Alison Gyves appears at a Vacaville hearing today to oppose Wade's parole.

Gyves will cite Wade's criminal history before he was put away nearly 39 years ago, and his "turbulent and excessive disciplinary record and recidivistic tendencies." He still poses a significant risk to public safety and should not be released, according to Gyves' boss, District Attorney Tony Rackauckas.

Wade would be putting the public at risk from a wheelchair, assuming he still needs one as much as he did when Carone snapped the photo of him after the break . . .

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this is why we need an effective death penaltythe piece of garbage would have been put down years agothere would be no issuethe legacy/cancer of the rose bird supreme court monkey wrenching the law and abusing justice to imposed their liberal views on societythey were recalledthe results of her liberalism aka charles manson. sirhan sirhan et.al. live on


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An eye for an eye makes all men blind...Ghandi

There is no excuse for the barbaric practice of state murder.  No other 1st world democratic country has the death penalty and we are the laughingstock because of it.

Furthermore, there is no reason that this inmate should not have been paroled if he had a support system in place to go to.  His "major" violations are merely the crap people do to live in a prison system that treats people like animals.  Please, don't argue if you haven't been there.


Malibu1369: Those of you who raiseabstract arguments, recite feel-good passages, espouse moral certitude, andcondescend other people's views regarding justice are nothing more thanenablers of the sort of criminality for which Wade is rightfully isolated fromsociety. 


You are certainly free to regurgitatehackneyed slogans and pseudo-arguments regarding your misguided opinion on thedeath penalty. But to suggest that a sociopath like Wade should be allowed backamong those upon whom he chose as prey is, in a word, reprehensible.


I roomed with Wade's victim, JerryMitchell, while in college. His senseless murder is not an abstraction to thoseof us who knew him and continue to respect his memory. So, please, until you'vebeen there yourself, don't delude yourself with the belief that your simplisticmeanderings are even remotely persuasive.      


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