Jeffrey Tambor: Yes, 'Arrested Development' Movie is Happening

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Jeffrey Tambor as George Bluth Sr.
It seems every few months we've got another Arrested Development star assuring us that a film is indeed happening.

Well, now it's Jeffrey Tambor's turn. As the Huffington Post reports, Tambor--who's currently promoting his new "romantic comedy serial killer film"--has said that, "No, it's all going straight, everyone's on board, I know they're writing, and maybe next time this year we'll be having this conversation."

The last we heard from the AD crew, it was straight from creator Mitch Hurwitz himself, assuring us yet again, that yes, a movie is happening and, hey, it might happen this year, as he said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly:
"We've started that process, and it is our sincere hope to shoot it this year and get it out this year. That's what we're hoping, but a lot of things have to fall into place for that to happen. . . . I don't like to toy with the affections of our fans. They've been so supportive, and we're so grateful, so I kind of hate to answer the question until I can say, 'Yep, we've shot it; it opens next week.' Otherwise, it feels like we're toying with people, and we do not mean to do that. It has just taken a while to get it going."

Yes, he meant "this year" as in 2011. No, that's probably not actually going to happen anymore. (But here's hoping for 2012?)

While we've been tracking the "progress" of an Arrested Development movie for quite some time now, we're just glad someone's still trying to save our Bluths. Taste the happy.

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