James P. Marion, OC Superior Court Judge, Dies

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Orange County Superior Court Judge James P. Marion, who was assigned to the Central Felony Panel, died Sunday morning at Saddleback Memorial Medical Center in San Clemente. He was 58.

Marion, who was educated in New England and served in the U.S Marine Corps, was an Orange County deputy district attorney from 1981 to 1999 before Gov. Gray Davis appointed him to the bench.

Married with three children, Marion resided in Trabuco Canyon.

The cause of his death is pending an autopsy.

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He never read the plea or nor did he review any evidence, but a few dirty cops visited him right in front of me, and he and the public defender threatened to arrest me right there and the deputies would have their way with me in the cell that evening.  

My attorney took me into the elevator to calm me down, and he said the same thing again.

We went into the office, and I filled out the paper work, but never signed it.

the judge they call James p. Marion, the lazy, ignorant, deadbeat waste of breathable air rushes through all the legal proceeding just to get a conviction.

Never wanted any evidence.

Never noticed that this WAS NOT my signature.

I knew the score and knew enough to get out of court.

NOW I can file complaints and he wont call me crazy and tell people he does not like me and that he is entitled to interpret the law as he wishes.  The laws are written for a reason.  He was not better than God, nor all the judges that wrote the laws, but he felt he and his opinion were greater than God's.

How far has this man intentionally ignored the laws of God and man to achieve his carnal desires?  

I gave him a chance to follow his words as provided by God, I gave him a chance to follow the laws of the country, state, county and city….. and he chose perversion of justice.  

I pray that what ever overwhelming burden that clouded his vision, sapped his strength, and weakened his resolve to follow the law was lifted…….

instead, he held on to those lies, and was lazy, and now he is in the ground, like all lazy ignorant people are.  I cannot believe that he managed to wear pants to work every day, and was able to avoid walking into traffic or forgetting to eat and drink water.

yes, I kind of feel for his family, but they are dancing on my families dime, and think nothing of it.  they actually think this is funny, and mock those that suffer due to their laziness.


He ruined my family when he sat as a temporary judge on the Lamoreaus "INJUSTICE" court. The reason he's dead at that age is because there is a GOD out there after all!! I hope he suffered tremendously but it would never come close to the unjust suffering he's caused us and others like us. None of the commentators here have a clue what injustice happens in in the juvenile courts, so please don't believe for a minute this man was a saint. He was former DA for heaven's sake and maybe you should all read the appeals taken from his juvenile cases before you decide he's a good man. I HOPE HE SUFFERS IN HELL! REST IN PISS JAMES P. MARION!


Wonderful man!! I sat on a jury for 8 weeks & he was the judge. So sad to hear he has passed.


Judge Marion was a good man, he will be missed


@fightcps_oc while you are correct, the name fight cops-oc is a tough sell.  

I have friends who are police officers, and we hate seeing cops destroying things.


@Rusting In Tustin you never really knew him.    If he is so good, tell me something good about him……

all he has ever done was destroy and waste other people's life and time

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