[UPDATED with Second Victim, More Feared:] German Bravo DeJesus Held for Allegedly Fondling 6- and 8-Year-Old Girls

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UPDATE, JULY 12, 4:54 P.M.: Orange County sheriff's deputies arrested German Bravo DeJesus Friday night for allegedly fondling a 6-year-old girl in an Aliso Viejo park, but the charges brought at arraignment today added a second victim: an 8-year-old girl.

And the Orange County District Attorney's office (OCDA) is reaching out to the public in search of other possible victims of the 33-year-old Aliso Viejo resident.

Anyone with additional information or who believes they have been a victim of the suspect is encouraged to call Supervising District Attorney Investigator Lou Gutierrez at 714.347.8794.

Meanwhile, DeJesus was to be arraigned in Santa Ana this afternoon on three felony counts of lewd or lascivious acts with a minor under 14 and a sentencing enhancement allegation of substantial sexual conduct with a child.

If convicted on all counts, he faces a sentence ranging from a minimum of 15 years to life to a maximum of 45 years to life in state prison. Deputy District Attorney Jennifer Walker of the Sexual Assault Unit was seeking $1 million bail.

Here is how the OCDA lays out the case:

On Jan. 17, 2009, 8-year-old Jane Doe #1 went to Palm Terrace Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center in Laguna Woods to visit a family member. She was in the waiting room with another relative close to her age. DeJesus, who worked at the facility, is accused of approaching and asking Jane Doe #1 what her name was. He is accused of then touching her vagina over her clothes and walking away.  A short time later, DeJesus is accused of returning to the waiting room, approaching Jane Doe #1, and touching her vagina over her clothes and fleeing the scene.

On the night of July 8, 2011, 6-year-old Jane Doe #2 was at the Grand Park in Aliso Viejo for a movie night. DeJesus is accused of approaching Jane Doe #2, who was playing with a relative just 10 feet from her father, and asking her name. He is accused of putting his hand down her pants and touching her vagina. The defendant is accused of then fleeing the scene. Jane Doe #2 immediately told her father and the police were contacted. Shortly thereafter, an Orange County Sheriff's deputy arrested DeJesus on his bike riding away from the park.

Courtesy of Orange County Sheriff's Department
German Bravo DeJesus is accused of fondling two little girls, and authorities fear there may be more victims.
ORIGINAL POST, JULY 12, 7:08 A.M.: ​A family with a 6-year-old girl was enjoying movie night at Grand Park in Lake Forest Aliso Viejo Friday night when the girl was fondled by a man who later rode off on a bicycle.

Orange County sheriff's deputies later apprehended German DeJesus, 33, of Lake Forest Aliso Viejo, in the area and brought him before the girl and her mother, who both are said to have positively identified him as the molester.

DeJesus is scheduled to be arraigned today on child molestation charges. He has no prior sex-crime arrests or related history, according to authorities.

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All of you talk all this shit but when guy is white oh he must had a bad child hood fuck that stop saying immigrants,or Mexican descent. because you all know that it dose not matter what race or color there are yes there are  out there.Yea he did it he will get his where  his going but stop putting immigrants down when your to fucking lazy to do your house work or clean your car so fuck you all who put us down yes i a'm mexican 


Matt, It was reported on tv when the story broke., that he had a hold form Homeland security 


If it were fact it would not be racist.

The molester deserves the horrors that await him in jail/prison. The racist who posted the above post without merit deserves the horrors that await him in the afterlife for his loathing hatred.

Poor little girls...may they see swift justice.


And how is it that the OC weekly did not report that he has a DHS Immigration hold.  Oh wait I get it that would be racist.

I am sorry the girls had to go through that, sorry our federal government does little to protect us, from criminals from south of the border.


Pixiegod....is it Racist or Fact that 85% of known pedophiles in SoCal are of Mexican descent, not to mention those on the FBI's most wanted list. GO the f*ck back so we have enough money in the budget to prosecute and jail our OWN AMERICAN CRIMINALS!!!  


Channel 5 reported it when he was first arrested

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