Fullerton Cops Close Cannabis Club Near Elementary School

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Apparently Derek Gonzalez didn't get the memo that the city of Fullerton doesn't allow medical marijuana dispensaries inside city limits. Whether or not he did, the 21-year-old owner of The Green Parrot, a medical marijuana dispensary in Fullerton, apparently didn't know it is also illegal to operate within 600 feet of an elementary school under a state law that took effect on Jan. 1, 2011. But according to a story in today's Orange County Register, Fullerton's Raymond Elementary is located just 300 feet away from his club.

All of which explains why on July 7, Fullerton police arrested Gonzalez for operating a marijuana dispensary without a city permit or license, as well as operating within 600 feet of a school, and shut down his club. The Register  says Gonzalez was providing cannabis to about 400 patients but police don't know how long he was actually in business. In any case, after Gonzalez agreed not to reopen the dispensary, police let him go the same day.

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Shit. No how are the kids going to get their weed? You know how much time and how many bus transfers it's going to take those kids now? They are better off just stealing their parents weed.

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