Dougal Samuels, Serial Rapist, Tried to Lie Way Out of Mental Hospital, But He May Be Stuck There for Life

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Three years ago, serial rapist Dougal Samuels sued Coalinga State Hospital, claiming the state facility housing sexually violent predators made him sick. The then three-year-old hospital's ventilation system caused Samuels to cough, suffer chills, lose his appetite, contract Valley fever and pneumonia and eventually require spinal surgery, his complaint alleged.

His target was the hospital, which he claimed knew the ventilation system was faulty. But he also used his health claims to argue against his continued incarceration, saying the surgery caused him limited mobility and, at 55, that he is too old and frail to ever rape again.

A judge didn't see it that way this week.

In the lawsuit against the hospital, a federal magistrate last year first denied Samuels' request that he be appointed counsel but later allowed the case to go forward. It's still knotted up in court.

A Superior Court  judge Monday issued an order that could keep Samuels in a mental hospital for the rest of his life, however. This was after a one-month commitment trial that ended with a jury unanimously finding him to be a sexually violent predator (SVP) who poses a continued threat to society.

Samuels was convicted in 1989 of raping two women and sexually assaulting another two after meeting and approaching them at Orange County bars. He was sentenced on March 17, 1989, to 18 years in state prison and has been in the custody of the Department of Mental Health (DMH) since 1996.

Samuels' four female rape victims from the 1989 case testified at his commitment trial, and a Coalinga worker told the jury of the patient's predatory nature toward female employees. Two DMH evaluators testified that Samuels poses a high-risk to re-offend if released into the community. Samuels even admitted to raping several women in Illinois in the early 1980s and attempting to rape another Orange County woman in 1987.

By the way, Orange County Deputy District Attorney Noor Hasan of the Sexual Assault Unit also presented testimony from several Coalinga hospital employees who said they have seen supposedly old, frail, injured Samuels regularly working out and playing basketball at the facility's gym.

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Yippee! Now the state can pay $157k a year to house him... Plus the costs of Coalinga State Hospital. Plus his medical bills.


You see.I don't understand the logic behind keeping an old man in jail for so long when there are people that do these things to there children and get less time than that. Something is wrong with this man of course and should be liable for his actions. But really, all this money that the state to aid on old man that is clearly of need of help in some shape or form.What makes them think that he isn't rehabilitated. I don't know the facts of the case, but something doesn't seem to right with what I'm reading.I feel sorry that this happened to these woman and what happened to them they will have for the rest of there lives. So now, this man's life is over, because he done some messed up things or he has a mental illness. He has to be locked away and never be able to live normally for something that he done over 25 years ago. Who makes up sentencing rules. A friend of mine's daughter was raped repeatedly for a while and this man got only 9 months in jail and the govenment will be paying her some money. But this man will be free again. How does this make any sense. Maybe this is why USA is in so much debt.

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