Crystal-Meth Block Did Not Come Standard With Jetta Searched Near Border Checkpoint

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Border Patrol agents boast they intercepted a "bumper crop" of crystal methamphetamine near the San Clemente checkpoint last week.

Wednesday morning's encounter with a "nervous" 24-year-old woman resulted in the discovery of 12 pounds of crystal meth hidden in the rear bumper of a 2004 Volkswagen Jetta, according to the U.S. Border Patrol's San Diego office.

Courtesy of U.S. Border Patrol
Block of meth in a Jetta.
The Jetta was parked about five miles south of the checkpoint along the 5 freeway, and as Border Patrol agents approached, the woman, an unidentified American citizen, acted nervous.

A drug-sniffing dog gave a "positive alert" indicating drugs at the rear of the car. When agents tore open the bumper, they found cellophane-wrapped bundles of crystal meth worth about $214,200 on the street.

The alleged smuggler was popped and turned over to the Drug Enforcement Administration. If she is guilty of the crimes against her, she will still not beat the haul of an 18-year-old National City man, who was busted last August near the San Clemente checkpoint with 14 pounds of crystal meth in his car.

The Border Patrol reports that, since last October, nearly 317 pounds of methamphetamine worth more than $6 million have been confiscated in the San Diego sector.

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obviously the 317lbs is the tip of the iceberg.... when nearly %20 of my home town is gaked up on it... and im not in Riverside.

I wonder how much of our budget has gone in to catch 317lbs of Meth at one of the worlds largest drug junctions... Cali-Mex boarder... i bet a lot more than the over inflated street price of "6million" was worth.

Personally i think there are people being paid to let the stuff through... the volumes just don't add up.

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