Drop By Rep. Loretta Sanchez's Office At Noon To Tell Her How You Feel About The Debt-Ceiling Debate

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As the debt-ceiling debate trudges on in Washington, a liberal political action committee is taking to every nook and cranny of the country--including Garden Grove. 

In emails sent to their members, Moveon.org urges "every patriotic American" to show up outside Democratic congressional offices around the county today to deliver a message to leaders. What's the message? "We're counting on you to protect Social Security, 
Medicare, and Medicaid."

As Democrats and Republicans continue to debate--and bitch and bicker--about a compromise to the debt-ceiling conundrum, the group says Democrats will face "growing pressure to let irresponsible threats win out and to cave into Republican demands
 to slash Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid."

If that sounds scary to you, then the group wants you to show up at 
Rep. Loretta Sanchez's office, 12397 Lewis St. in Garden Grove, at noon today to tell her how you feel.

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She couldn't care less. She is too busy planning her wedding and trying to figure out how to get the taxpayers to pay for it.


i would but i dont want to disturb her nappy time. 

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