Approved Redistricting Maps Favor California Democrats, Help OC Dems, Too

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Well, things are looking up for California Democrats. 

The latest round of congressional and state legislative redistricting maps, which the California Citizens Redistricting Commission approved this morning, favor Democrats--at least according to a couple of different news sources. 

In his blog post today, OC Register political reporter Martin Wisckol cites both the Associated Press and the San Jose Mercury News saying the maps bode well for dems. 

The AP writes:
"Redistricting experts said the new maps are likely to reduce the influence of Republicans even further. Democrats are hoping the redrawn districts will allow them to achieve the two-thirds majority needed in the Legislature to pass tax increases, while the number of Republicans California sends to Congress--now 19--could be reduced by as many as five."

In Orange County, the new maps improve things a bit for Democrats, too. 

Currently, the county has five districts that favor Republicans and only one that favors Democrats, Wisckol writes, but the new redistricting lines create two districts that favor Democrats, to the Republicans' four. 

What's more, these maps will pit OC Reps. Gary Miller (R-Diamond Bar) and Ed Royce (R-Fullerton) against one another to compete for a single district seat, Wisckol writes. And, the map splits Little Saigon into two districts.

After these new redistricting lines are certified on Aug. 15, Wisckol reports, groups can start to file lawsuits.

So, brace yourselves.

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public bizmail
public bizmail

This is probably a reasonable plan.

Karl Rove cut a deal with Sacramento pols to protect all existing incumbents for the 2002 redistricting , which defacto meant that the current lines reflect the political reality of the late 90s.  The California Republican Party has not fared well since then, so one would expect a "fair" redrawing to results in a slight loss for Republicans.

I am impressed how few Ameoba shaped districts (the current 40th congressional district, for example) there are relative to past years.  Over two-thrids of the districts can be immediately used for a targeted media campaign. For example Congressional Distrcit 49 is "wealthy, educated, white surfers" while CD -46 is "working class whites and hispanics." ( or "Loretta's people", if you prefer). CD-48 is "OC Beach communities," while  CD -45 is the Villa Park-Irvine-Rancho Santa Margarita Berumud triangle of uptight suburbanites. The only sketchy district is CD-47 which combines Little Saigon with Long Beach State. That's a tough one, because there aren't enought viet-voters to carve out a district just for them, but they are "community of interest." 

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