[UPDATED with Trial Order:] Akeem Jelani Johnson Accused of Raping Drunk Australian Outside Bar

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UPDATE, JULY 7, 5:01 P.M.: Orange County Superior Court Judge Thomas Goethals ruled Wednesday that Akeem Jelani Johnson must stand trial for allegedly raping a drunken Australian tourist outside Godfather's Bar in Tustin that day after Thanksgiving 2010.

However, Goethals dismissed charges against 27-year-old Johnson's alleged accessory.

Tustin resident Johnson is scheduled to be arraigned July 19 on one felony count of rape by use of an intoxicating substance. Conviction could stick him in a state prison cell for eight years.

Charges were dropped against Bradley Stelly, who faced three years in state prison if convicted.

But the judge ruled there was not enough evidence to hold Bradley Joseph Stelly, also 27 and from  Tustin, over for trial on one felony count of accessory after the fact.

Based on witness statements, Tustin police arrested Stelly on Nov. 29 because he had been standing near the SUV in which his buddy Johnson allegedly raped the woman. Stelly was also seen carrying the woman out of the vehicle. But Goethels said no evidence presented showed that Stelly knew the woman had been raped.

Police have never identified a third man who was with Stelly that night.

UPDATE, JAN. 10, 5:23 P.M.: The Orange County district attorney's office has released to the media surveillance photos taken from Godfather's bar in Tustin early Nov. 26, 2010, of a man who is believed to have participated in helping facilitate a woman's rape:

All photos courtesy of Orange County district attorney's office
Surveillance video from Godfather's bar shows a man suspected of aiding in the rape of a female patron.

A closer view of the unknown suspect shows he was wearing a sports-team jersey emblazoned with No. 17.

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