When Will OC Republicans Apologize to California for Pushing Arnold Schwarzenegger on Us?

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Kudos to former OC GOP head Tom Fuentes for cracking jokes about his terminal cancer last night during the local Reeps' annual Flag Day dinner last night in Irvine. Of course, for him--who supported more pedophiles, corrupt politicians, and plain old scum than the entirety of Law and Order: SVU has ever featured--the deadly disease is liberal!

"Many of you have stood with me when we have battled cancers within our party, cancers from the left," he told his seals. "Tumors like Arnold Schwarzenegger," at which point, the audience laughed.

Oh, how quick those pendejos forget.

If you're to believe Fuentes that Arnie is a tumor, then the OC GOP just might be the only case in human history where a group of people willingly infected themselves with cancer just for shits. Let us not forget that it was Republicans who convinced Chapman University to give Schwarzenegger an honorary doctorate back in 2002 despite the actor having done nothing of any intellectual worth, allowing Schwarzenegger to schmooze with the big bucks of the school's board of trustees. Let's remember that Schwarzenegger found his most loyal donors here, pulled his most enthusiastic ground troops from the rank-and-file of the OC GOP, and that the recall of then-Gov. Gray Davis was mostly orchestrated by activists and funders from OC.

Fuentes, amazingly, stood on the right (as opposed to Right) side when it came to Schwarzenegger, famously disallowing his campaign from keeping 5,000 "Join Arnold" signs at county party headquarters and always distrusting him as too liberal. Richard Nixon would've been too liberal for Fuentes, but his fellow party didn't heed their in-house Cassandra--and we all know what happened next.

It would've been great to see Fuentes, the aging lion, admonish his party for the disaster that he warned would come, but he'll never be that truthful. Instead, the rest of wrecked California waits for an apology from the OC GOP for Schwarzenegger, an apology that'll come right after they apologize for Arnold's pal, Mike Carona...

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Bonnie Sorronson
Bonnie Sorronson

Who cares about money. They need to apologize first and primarily because Schwarzenegger is a VIOLENT SEXUAL SOCIOPATH WHO THREW A WOMEN INTO A WALL WHEN SHE FOUGHT TO GET HIS HAND OUT OF HER GENITALS. WHO CARES ABOUT MONEY WHEN HE'S FIRST AND FOREMOST A VIOLENT SEX OFFENDER WHO BELONGS IN FEDERAL PRISON?????? And, the fact that no one here mentions this FACT FIRST proves that the GOP really does hate women, and it has nothing to do with contraception.


I still question the legal validity of the recall that put the "Governator" in office in the first place!


As an conservative American male having no party affiliation and former military pilot, I suppose my locution will be treated with contempt by midges eager to infer that their nefarious proclivities and concupiscent quest for colonization is an accredited form of education. Being pap intolerant, a casual peek at what this writer has to offer will usually divulge what's on the intinerary before we proceed recklessly down the road to perdition, then floor it southbound to cataclysm.

Vexation, from our fair weather Latin America friends has increasingly become that nagging pimple on our derrieres, the multicolored jalopy grinding to a sudden halt after losing its rear wheel on the highway in rush-hour traffic, the stowaway stealing into the future of our nation, the Deep Venous Thrombosis embedded in the continuity of our prosperity, and the malignant neoplasm affecting the healthy cells of our living standards.  

The continuation of our inherited love for this country, ettiquette, decency, and mores depends upon increased rigid barriers from transients armed with computer keyboards, smiles, and the intoxicating anticipation of some perceived power that allegedly will conclude with their growing illegitimate population lording over us all.

It is an incontrovertible truth that the civil institutions of the US have been seriously infiltrated, our homes have been broken into, all facets of our society breached, and that they now stand in imminent peril from the accelerated and stupendous incursion by those of Mexican birth; imbued with the Mexican chauvinistic mindset; and of Mexican arrogance, ignorance and immoral character; who receive - under present cowardice by our leaders and lax of enforcing laws - our elective franchise and the feigned rights of entitlement to birth-fraud, set-asides, subsidies, education, welfare, property damage, the associated lowering of wage structures and living standards, and still have time left in the day to deem Americans their enemy while standing on American soil, and the fact that their very subsistence is funded by our American tax dollars.

Our lack of decision means a choice between two conditions. By continuing at our present course, we can wait until the Voyager 1 spacecraft, traveling at 38,160 mph takes another 73,600 years before reaching the nearest star outside our Solar System, Proxima Centauri, or we choose the current path that which is producing a massive plutocratic caste class of paraylzed nobodies afraid to even speak about the ravages of the illegal alien invasion in public so not to trigger the racism alarms, relying instead upon the industrial slavery of this uninvited tsumani of subversives and low standard of living toilers.

By stopping this invasion that is somehow removed from the squatters scope of reality, we as a nation must forcibly take control of the helm once again, discard the binnacle list, give the command to reverse the ship's course, and chart the conditions that will give to US citizens a decent and comfortable standard of living.

The desired result can be obtained without the tsumani of tens of millions of people who think we should speak Spanish, the devastating scorched-Earth deficits left in their wake,  and American taxpayers subsidizing this demolition, invasion, and Mexico to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars each year.Illegal Alien Care

Federal Expenditures:

Title I Program $1,332,900,000

Migrant Education program $236,900,000

Title III Program $538,000,000

Education Subtotal $5,107,800,000

Emergency Medical Care $9,250,000,000

Fraudulent Use of Medicad $5,235,000,000

Medicaid Cost of Childbirth $4,238,100,000

Medicaid for Children $3,626,800,000

Other Medical Outlays $2,600,000,000

Medical Misc. $5,949,900,000

SCAAP Compensation $330,000,000

Federal Incarceration $678,400,000

Byrne Grants $24,300,000

Detention and Removal $3,545,000,000

Project Safe Neighborhoods $39,500,000

Residual ICE Functions $3,824,000,000

Exec. Office of Imm. Review $222,500,000

Southwest Border Prosecution $2,033,000,000

National Guard $1,642,000,000

Coast Guard $1,500,000,000

Justice Subtotal $7,838,700,000

Free and Red. Meal Program $2,264,600,000

Temp. Assist. Needy Families $3,030,000,000

Housing Assistance Programs $1,787,000,000

Child Care & Dev. Fund $633,000,000

Welfare Subtotal $60,184,400,000 Average State/Local Expenditures:

Education $69,397,100,000

Medical $20,823,500,000

Justice $28,687,200,000

Welfare $25,484,900,000

General $19,817,900,000


GROSS TOTAL $164,210,600,000

Federal Taxes Collected from Illegal Aliens (2009) - $8,456,600,000    

State and Local Taxes Collected from Illegal Aliens  - $3,955,200,000    

NET TOTAL $151,798,800,000

Mexican Parasitic Care

Merida Initiative $1,600,000,000

Thirteen Bell 412 EP helicopters (5 with INCLE funds for the Federal Police and 8 with FMF funds for the military). $123,500,000

Eight UH-60 Black Hawk transport helicopters (three with INCLE funds for the Federal Police and 5 with FMF funds for the Mexican Air Force). $64,000,000

Four CASA CN-235 transport aircraft. $80,000,000

Counterterrorism $5,000,000

Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) $2,900,000

Stabilization Operations and Security Sector Reform $1,989,000

Counter-Narcotics $249,000,000

Transnational Crime $10,000,000

HIV/AIDS $2,200,000

Tuberculosis $1,258,000

Funding Mexican Trucking Carriers to US Safety Standards to Enable Access to US Hwys $2,000,000,000With the road fatalities projected, this gives an entirely different meaning to the phrase "shovel ready."

After executing and completion of our decisive uncontested mutiny, and the will to enforce law, this nation's traitors and freeloaders will be forced to walk the plank. When our mission is accomplished, the call "land ho," will resonate, and the return to honest American wage structures, culture, language and dividends will commense.

And you can honestly say with a straight face that Republicans owe California an apology?

The only apology expected from American citizens must come from the most despicable, worthless, obnoxious, immoral, indignant, corrupt, greedy, reckless, parasitic people and their underlying ideologically maligned country.

Perhaps your Bay Area hallucinations, MEChA cocoon and La Raza decoder ring has left you invincible, though painfully as naive we have come to expect...


Such a verbose comment, apparently to camouflage a particular right wing agenda.I do not believe republicans should apologize for Schwarzenegger. they need to apologize for 30 years of de-regulation of financial markets 8 years of Bush whose lying and cheating culminated in bringing the nation to its knees. Then there is the Tea Party that is trying to expand already failed economic policies of Bush. They have not done one thing in the past six months to create one job. All they want to do is get Obama out of office at any price, and do as much damage to the worker class as possible.


Nice jingoistic assay at imposing your immorality and stupefying leftist lettuce diatribe.

No thanks, we don't like those green eggs and ham, or foolish adolescent drivel.People are upset about the tsunami of illegal aliens pouring into our country at 35,000 per day. The numbers are staggering. You won't admit this, just as you'd hide the fact while pandering and pirouetting as do progressives who wear thongs underneath their Daisy Dukes.

I don't have to conceal anything. My side is America. If that offends you, then so be it.

I will make no apologies for being an American. If you are living in this country, and consider yourself something else, we've got a problem. Your side is just that, your side. You care nothing about this country and its people, only your globalist party, green agenda, and nanny orientations.

Never before in the history of this nation have we witnessed the most disrespectful, ungrateful, arrogant behavior demonstrated by people that should not even be here.

The fastest growing demographic in America stems from an illegal invasion, and it is breaking the bank and our future as a nation. To ignore this fact shows a lack of the proper genitals and courage to recognize the severity of this situation and face this swarm like a man, rather than soundbites and talking points regarding what you deem as right-wing. There are many with your affliction. Ninety-nine out of a hundred liberal cowards do not have this ability, but it can be taught with strict discipline, and you will wish you were dead and will call for your Mom. As an ex-officer US Army, I could in fact help you become a man, but you must in fact want to be a man, and you will have to wear pants...


This may be a off-topic, but how many jobs has Obama created? And, I'm not talking about the minimum wage kind. Real jobs of $75K or higher.


I agree, Obama has spent way too much time trying to appease the Republicans. Which is why I stopped supporting him. His promise of change has been a change of the same. I am supporting Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich. I doubt I will ever vote for a republican again. they are totally against American Values, The purely support an elitist POV.


Maybe the apology should start with dems who have control of both state houses for decades or for Grey David who took us from a surplus to a deficit.  If I recall, it was Pete Wilson was in office the last time we had a deficit.  Besides, Arnold is nothing more then a confused flip-flopping democrat anyway who ran as a republican against Davis in the special election.


Coffee quick......jeeeezzz with typos.  Our last surplus was with Pete Wilson, I believe we as a state were $25 to $35 billion in the black, Davis almost took us instantly deep into debt, deep into the red with government expansion and spending.


I am not sure, but I vaguely recall reading that the majority of the deficit in Davis's reign was due to Wilson padding the pockets of ENRON in one of their energy scams. it did not surface until Davis was in office.

I am not trying to be a Davis apologist, however, I understand he was not liked as he was an administrator, not a people person...


I wasn't aware of that, I'll need to research that.  Thanks. 


And Arnold was equally inept. 

chris w
chris w

He was a republican in name only. It is now obvoius to all he was a democrat clone disguised as a republican with weiner issues. Duh, married to a Kennedy? what did anyone expect?


Gustavo, I will gladly apologize to ou and every liberal demorcrat, but only after you apologize for the millions of illegal aliens you support.


...except those illegals haven't done as much damage as your ilk.


This is why Los Angeles alone documented spending over $600 million in welfare for the parents of anchor babies for the year 2010?  Read the LA Times sometime Gustavo.  Now multiply that by 58 counties, then 48 states.  That doesn't include overwhelming emergency rooms, schools, freeways, crime, etc, etc, etc.


Bill sounds like a member of the "Government Class."


I don't know any leaches Bill, everyone I know owns a business or works hard for a living.  I was responding to an article posted by the LA Times which was based on figures released by the department of welfare specifically addressing the amount of welfare paid specifically to the illegal immigrant parents of anchor babies. There's really no merit in the rest of your comments.

Bill T.
Bill T.

My wife and I made well into six figures last year, so, by extension (using your "logic"), all "white" folk have well above $100k income per year. Have you read stories with real data in them? For instance, the average time on welfare is about 2 years. This two years is well skewed by people on long-term assistence who cannot make a living (Downs syndrome and many other reasons). $600m is just a raw datum of no significance until it's put in context. The myth of the professional welfare mom is a distortion of the truth (I don't want to hear about all the leaches you personally know, that is anecdotal and is worthless as evidence).


the problem was/is/and will always be the liberal state legislaturegrey davis was a convenient targetfar more moderate than the legislature who really didn't like himwhen he left the dem leaders all though they were now the top dem dogs who could roll Arnoldhistory shows they were usually right

Damnit Justin
Damnit Justin

When will Spielberg apologize for the last Indiana Jones story?  When will Dems stop asking for free apology handouts?


I almost feel like apologizing .... but, naahhhh - any dem would have been as bad or worse.

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