Two Men Try to Steal a Powerboat in Huntington Beach After Drinking All The Beer In Its Fridge

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It wasn't these guys.
​Oh, if only someone filmed this, it'd be the next YouTube sensation.

For now, we'll leave you with the written play-by-play: On Wednesday evening, two men from Riverside walked onto a 37-foot Egg Harbor boat in Surf City's Sea Harbour community, drank all the beer in the boat's fridge, untied the boat from the dock, and started the engine. Though--doh!--they couldn't figure out how to get the boat into reverse. 

Meanwhile, a friend of the boat owner, who was on vacation, called the cops, who came and busted the indiscreet boat snatchers.      

The Huntington Beach Police Department arrested 26-year-old Rory Lee Balcom and 20-year-old Carlos Vargas for burglary and possession of a stolen boat. They were booked at the city jail.

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