[UPDATED with Charges:] Trevor Harwell, Computer Tech, Accused of Using Spyware to Get Images of Naked Female Customers

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UPDATE, JUNE 10, 1:11 P.M.: The Orange County District Attorney's office (OCDA) has announced the charges filed against Trevor Timothy Harwell, the 20-year-old computer technician accused of secretly installing spyware on female customers' hard drives to capture images of them naked.

The Fullerton resident has been slapped with 12 felony counts of computer access and fraud with sentencing enhancement allegations for committing a crime for sexual gratification.

Conviction could bring a prison sentence of six years and four months. Out of custody on $50,000 bail, Harwell is scheduled to be arraigned July 21 in Santa Ana.

The Fullerton Police Department, which conducted the investigation and made the arrest, previously reported that Harwell worked at
Rezitech Inc. of Brea and was believed to be a former Biola University student. But an OCDA arraignment statement claims Harwell is still a computer science major at the private Christian institution in La Mirada. He is accused of meeting six victims through friends and his church and gaining access to their computers under the pretense of providing computer technical services. According to the statement:

Harwell is accused of illegally accessing the six victims' computers to install "CamCapture" software, which enabled him to record live and still images from a remote computer. Harwell is accused of setting up alerts to notify him to begin recording when a victim was using her computer. He is accused of recording videos and photographs of each of his victims in various states of undress without their knowledge for his sexual gratification.

Two of the victims, who were sisters, observed that the computer camera was irregularly blinking and took it to be repaired. They were advised that the blinking was due to the installation of CamCapture. The sisters reported the fraudulently installed spyware to the Fullerton Police Department, who investigated this case and identified four additional victims.

The newly-launched Orange County Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory examined digital evidence gathered by investigators, according to the OCDA, which adds the probe is ongoing. Anyone with information or who believes they may have been a victim should contact Supervising District Attorney Investigator Anthony Sosnowski at 714.347.8814.

ORIGINAL POST, JUNE 9, 11:25 A.M.: Earlier this week, it was Santa Ana police who arrested a City Hall intern for allegedly videotaping men in restrooms with his cell phone. Now, Fullerton police have popped a computer technician for allegedly using spyware on customer laptops and notebooks to capture images of naked women.

Trevor Harwell, 20, a technician who specialized in Macintosh computers for Rezitech Inc., faces 12 felony counts of computer access and fraud. He's been released from custody on $50,000 bond.

The plot Harwell has been accused of started to unravel last summer, when a woman contacted Fullerton police about strange Internet messages her daughter was receiving. One that appeared to be a system alert stated, "You should fix your internal sensor soon. If unsure what to do, try putting your laptop near hot steam for several minutes to clean the sensor."

Trevor Harwell
Further investigation revealed the computer had been serviced at Rezitech and that several female customers of the shop had also received similar messages. Many complied by taking their laptops with them into their bathrooms while they showered.

What these females did not know was Camcapture spyware had secretly been installed to their computer hard drives, allowing their built-in cameras to be controlled remotely. Police accuse Harwell of having stored images of women naked or undressing on a remote server before downloading them to his own computer.

Harwell serviced computers in Orange and Los Angeles counties, according to Fullerton police, who claim they have identified several female victims from still, video and cellphone images that were in the suspect's possession.

A former student at Biola University in La Mirada, Harwell likely victimized other undergrads there, according to police, who asks anyone who believes they may have been stung to contact  Det. Kathryn Hamel at 714.738.5327.

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It's not a harsh sentence -- it's not like this guy didn't know what he was doing. He intentionally filmed his victims without their consent. There's no telling how far the images and video he took have been spread. This isn't a youthful prank, this is truly sinister, predatory behavior and it should be punished as such. That's why it's called a felony.

Harsh Sentencing
Harsh Sentencing

"prison sentence of six years and four months" - for an intelligent (misguided.. to Biola for whatever reason) horny kid (not technically, but probably's never been kissed)?!? The gov., etc have unlimited access to use intrude on privacy but no one cares, votes properly, or posts mug shots of them.. espec. when there has been no violence/etc. & aren't even old enough to drink legally!

Please, please re-focus on the software developer if to take aim at anyone!

Mark Stouffer
Mark Stouffer

Is it just a coincidence that it was female Mac users that fell for that dumb error message?


Please steam you pc and get naked. Funny shit Trev.

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