[UPDATED with Denial:] Steven Yaklyvich, Pipe Bomber Who Crippled Man Making Time with Girlfriend, Faces Parole Opposition

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UPDATE, JUNE 13, 6:33 P.M.: The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitations' Board of Parole Hearings today denied parole for Steven Yaklyvich, who planted a pipe bomb that exploded and crippled a man making time with his girlfriend in 1995.

Yaklyvich, who remains locked up at Pleasant Valley State Prison in Coalinga, will be eligible for his next parole hearing in 2014.

ORIGINAL POST, JUNE 13, 7:42 A.M.: Orange County Senior Deputy District Attorney Jerry Schaffer is scheduled to appear via video conferencing this afternoon before the state parole board to argue against the release of a 47-year-old man accused of planting a pipe bomb that severely injured a guy making time with his girlfriend.

The parole hearing for
Steven Yaklyvich, who is currently being held at Pleasant Valley State Prison in Coalinga, is scheduled to begin at 1 p.m.

Then-31-year-old Yaklyvich was also behind bars on March 13, 1995, when he received a visit from his girlfriend. Jailed for possession of a syringe, Yaklyvich became enraged when he learned his girlfriend was carrying on a relationship with another man named Ron Robertson.

After Yaklyvich's release from jail two days later, he called Robertson, saying he would be "seeing" the stranger. Yaklyvich went on to plant a pipe bomb under Robertson's car, and it exploded on April 4, 1995, while the man was driving. The vehicle's brakes and steering failed, and Robertson's car collided with another vehicle. The blast from the explosion had blown a hole through the floorboard, causing Robertson's ankle and foot to break in five places and causing permanent walking impairment.

An Orange police investigation determined that Yaklyvich had recently been taught how to construct a pipe bomb. At his mother's home, police found a stolen car, tools, gunpowder and other bomb-making materials believed to have been used in the Robertson blast. He was arrested in November 1995, and on Jan. 27, 1997, a jury convicted Yaklyvich of exploding a bomb causing great bodily injury and receiving stolen property. He was sentenced to life in state prison the following March 21.

District Attorney
Tony Rackauckas maintains Yaklyvich still poses an unreasonable risk of danger to others and that his prison record shows no signs that he has been rehabilitated. He has denied his involvement in the pipe bombing for two decades inside, blaming his woes on drug and alcohol abuse, according to the DA, who adds he's been cited while imprisoned for battery on an inmate and, twice, for possessing pruno, inmate-made alcohol.

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It appears that those who chose to comment on this person's crime, were not at the trial and did not know the person, or what the truth actually is..  What is written in this article is mostly in error.

1. a stolen car was NOT found at his mother's residence.  2. He did not make the bomb himself, though he did attach it to the uder side of the vehicle.  The bomb was made by someone else, but this was not brought out at trial, as were a lot of other things. The DA gave immunity to the person who made the bomb, to testify against the accused, knowing the inmate did not even make the bomb.  The girlfriend also was given immunity to testify against the accused, and she was the one who drove the accused to where the victim lived, while he attached the bomb.  There is more, but after all this time, who cares what the real truth is.  One cannot always believe all you read in the newspapers.  Mr. Robertson was an ex-boyfriend who physically abused the "girlfriend", and continued to thrreaten her, even after she broke up with him because of the abuse. He drove around her mother's apartmeent constantly, where she lived, with a rifle and shells in his vehicle. He was the aggressor.  Remember, it was not the inmates idea to make the bomb.  It was someone else's ideal, the same one who actually made it, and gave it to the inmate to put on the victim's vehicle.  The truth never came out during the trial because the DA suppressed a lot of the truth.  But God knows the whole truth, and all will answer to Him one day, whether or not they believe it.  Justice is what it's all about in the end.

3. The statement by Mr. Matt Coker in his article in the O.C. Weekly, also is in error regarding the lack of  rehabilitation of the inmate is totally incorrect.  I will be sending him a "chronological accomplishments"  listing just exactly how much the inmate has been rehabilitated.  The prison records prove that he is rehabilitated, is remorseful, and in this person's opinion is less a risk to public safety than the people who were also involved with this crime, and  who lied in court and helped to convict this inmate. Tony Rackausas, the current DA, wasn't even in office during the trial, and has not read the prison record in full.  He also will be receiving a "proof of rehbilitation" to prove that this inmate deserves a second chance at correcting his mistakes. 4.  Mr Robertson was not injured as badly as Mr Coker states in his article. 


fuck this guy. he tried to kill a guy WITH FUCKING PIPE BOMB AND he hurt innocent people who he didn't even know-because his manhood was bruised? who gives a rats ass if he is rehabilitated or not. follow the money? this guy needs to be stomped out like a cheap cigarette no matter how many lawyers are getting paid.


He should have put the bomb in his girlfriend's car and bought the guy a drink.


If Yaklyvich is a danger to society, he should not be released.  If he is not, then let him go.  We cannot afford continuing to keep people locked up simply for revenge.

The Supreme Court upheld the constitution and California must release some of the prisoners it warehouses like cattle at feedlots.

I know nothing about this case or the District Attorney except what is written here and that can be unrealiable since we know some District Attorneys lie in order to win cases.

An important topic not covered in the article is what reform, drug, and job/life skills were offered and did Yaklyvich participate in them.   The Donovan Prison reduced its recidivism rate from 70% to 21% through the use of its proven programs.  That greatly helped reduce new crime and new victims before faulty logic and false economy nearly eliminated the programs.


Who profits from failed criminal justice and horrifically overcrowded prisons that are bankrupting states across the nation?

District attorneys and prosecutors who are promoted for winning cases and harsh sentences at any cost;

Tough-on-crime, fear-mongering politicians hoping for votes;

Guard employee unions;

For-profit-contract-bed-privatized-corporation prisons that profit not from reforming people, but when the recidivism rate goes up;

Parole department in California where everyone released is on parole;

Three strikes law that sends people to prison for 25+ years over petty crimes such as stealing a pizza;

The bail bond industry that benefits from unnecessary criminal justice practices that increase incarceration;

Rigged line-ups that get faulty convictions and promotions;

Increased incarceration due to requirement of checking prior-arrest/conviction boxes on employment, government, and rental applications for those who have been crime-free for years. It makes it harder to stay out of prison;

Serving high calorie, high carb meals that increase health problems and pay to medical institutions;

Private companies that raise heck when prisons contract to do labor;

The list goes on.....


Marilyn, thanks for yourexpositionl and truthful outlook and information on the criminal justice system. Everything you say is true, but there is so much more it would shock you, concerning conditions in our California State Prisons.  California has one of the worst prison systems in the nation.  I wish I knew how to change it.

I am an advocate of truth. Read my article regarding Mr. Yaklyvich.  I actually know him and have seen his progress and success in his efforts for his own rehabilitation.

You are right, he does deserve a second chance. Take care!  Stay vigilant!


"Serving high calorie, high carb meals that increase health problems and pay to medical institutions"

personally i dont give a shit if prisoners dont get top quality steak dinners everynight infact i really hope they dont....what kind of point are you trying to make with your whole post? the guy is a piece of shit who tried to commit murder..screw this guy..let him rot


' We cannot afford continuing to keep people locked up simply for revenge.' he was locked up for trying to BLOW a HUMAN up-- desn't matter the reason behind it'An important topic not covered in the article is what reform'

a convicted felon with a record and a temper he showed off inPrison is getting educated on making pipe-bombs and getting drunk… I doubt he’sdone a damn bit to better himself. Article says he’s not rehabilitated. Hisactions tell me that- I don’t need it spelled out in non relevant examples likehe’s not taking ‘I’m trying to be productive’ classes


Stanley, if you knew the truth about our criminal justice system, you would e horified.  I pray you never come up against it.  If you knew thewhole truth

about what really happened in Mr. Yaklyvich's case, you would not feel the way you do. He is not a iece of shit, and had no intention of murdering anyone. He was never tried for attempted murder.  I believe you would have a different outlook, if you knew the real truth.  You can't read everything you read in the newspapers.  HE is a human being, who made a terrible mistake in judgment and behavior, and injured another human being.  He is not an animal.  If you committed a crime, and even murder, and you were truly remorseful and sorry for what you did, I could forgive you. I would not call you a piece of shit!.  Read what I wrotte to Marilyn


Andy - If your comments are made only from the article in the O.C. Weekly, then you are judging a person based on untruths, and lies.  Are you that kind of a person? Read what Darlene has to say about the article you read.

Mr. Matt Coker also committed the same crime....He NEVER read or saw the prison records that proves Mr. Yaklyvich has been rehabilitated.   Mr. Yaklyvich spent many years learning what caused him to do what he did, and how he could change the behavior defects and problems that existed at that time,, being extremely remorseful and sorry for what he did. He has taken courses, and classes and correcpondence courses offered by the prison to help him.  And help him they did! There is so much you don't know about the whole truth, his prison record, and everything else concerning Mr. Yaklyvich.  You will never know the sorrow he experiences, nor the tears shed for what he did, not just to himself, but to Mr. Robertson, and his family and loved ones. He wrote to him and apologized for what he did, begging his forgiveness.  I pray that when you face your God at the end of your life he has the same amount of mercy towards you that you have towards others.  I know for what I speak... 

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