[UPDATED with Charges Dropped:] Russell Elliott Accused of Stabbing Pal at Bachelor Party

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UPDATE, JUNE 29, 1:33 P.M.: Riverside County prosecutors declined to file charges against Russell Elliott, the 28-year-old Santa Anan accused of stabbing his friend and soon-to-be groom at his bachelor party in a Palm Springs hotel room last week.

The marrying man, who was not identified, suffered three stab wounds, including one to the upper left side of his chest, according to P.S. Police, who added he nonetheless did not want to press charges against his bud.

"Both subjects were heavily intoxicated and horse playing and both were cut," Officer Rhonda Long reportedly told the Desert Sun. "One of them had a steak knife in his hands when they fell to the ground."

Hate it when that happens.

ORIGINAL POST, JUNE 27, 2:54 P.M.: And you thought your buddy's bachelor party got out of hand!

Russell Elliott, 28, of Santa Ana, spent the weekend in the Smith Correctional Facility in Banning, where he faces felony assault with a deadly weapon charges after allegedly stabbing a friend during a bachelor party in a Palm Springs hotel room.

Palm Springs police made the arrest just after 9:30 a.m. Friday.

Cops had been called about men fighting in a North Palm Canyon Drive hotel room.

Both Elliott and his pal were taken to a hospital and released--the friend to wherever he wanted and Elliott to that cell in beautiful Banning.

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What is wrong with the Palm Springs Police Department?? Since when is having a blood alcohol level below .08 deem one as highly intoxicated!! This article is simply false and very misleading. Horseplay NEVER implies that one ends up being stabbed 3 times....obviously the groom was fighting for his life and the Palm Springs police department and the DA failed him miserably! Lets hope something can be done to remedy this terrible injustice!!!


This article is completely misleading and horribly incorrect.  Seriously, what kind of "horseplay" ends in three stab wounds??? Come on.  Did ANYONE proofread this before it was posted?

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