You, Too, Can Live Like a Muni-Fleecer: Robert Rizzo's Surf City Home for Sale

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Bloated ex-Bell city administrator Robert Rizzo, who put the "pig" in "pig at the trough," has put his Huntington Beach home on the market.

According to the Pier Realty listing, "Jabba the Corrupt" wants just shy of $1 million--which is just shy of what he made in yearly salary and benies from tiny Bell--for his four-bedroom, four-bathroom Lake Street pad.

NBC LA has the scoop on the listing for the home that's been the site of protests, toilet papering and even whipped creaming.

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"We're very proud to be presenting this California classic," Pier Realty's Bill Cuppy tells the TV station, referring presumably to the house and not the house-sized former municipal leader accused of misappropriating public funds, conflict of interest, falsifying public documents and secreting public documents.

Rizzo, who also owns a horse ranch in Washington state, poured some of gotten gains from Bell's mostly lower class taxpayers into a Surf City house he purchased in 2007 featuring new granite, cherrywood, coffered ceilings, chandeliers, a re-done kitchen, and new appliances and windows. Surrounding the abode are three private patios, two private balconies, a courtyard entry and a three-car garage.

The home Rizzo shares with his wife was not yet ready for showing when NBC shot Monday's report. The station notes a moving van was parked out front on Friday--again, that's presumably for the house's contents and not its tow-ably rotund occupant.

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It's like turning over a pail in your pantry and finding a big fat rat feeding off your cheese.

mitch young
mitch young

Why make fun of the fat? Some people are 'born that way'.


Thats 2 legit articles today Coker... WTF??? Am I finally getting through to you?

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