Reason Magazine Rips off ¡Ask a Mexican! with "Ask a Libertarian"

Reason Magazine, the nation's premier libertarian publication, firmly believes in the free market, and part of that free market is wantonly ripping off other ideas. That's the explanation for their decision this week to host a day of YouTube clips called "Ask a Libertarian," in which editors Matt Welch and Nick Gillespie took questions via Twitter, email, and Facebook and answered them via YouTube, just like I do with my ¡Ask a Mexican! column. They'd call themselves captains of industry; I call them appropriating capitalists. Unless they're anyone but Steve Allen, they've stolen my bit!

In reality, I laughed when I heard Welch (my former editor at the Los Angeles Times' op-ed pages) and Gillespie--who obviously got the idea for it after interviewing me for announced the one-day special, and I suggest they do more of them. The full list of videos is here--enjoy!

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