Peter Newen, Surf City Cutter, Wins Big at First Plastic Surgery Awards

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They give awards to movie stars, schoolteachers and even rodeo ropers, so why not your friendly neighborhood cutter?

Why not, indeed. They handed out hardware to plastic surgeons Saturday night in Las Vegas, site of the first Aesthetic Awards.

The big winner of the night hailed from Orange County.

He's Dr. Peter Newen of Image Plastic Surgery in Huntington Beach. At the ceremony in a ballroom at ARIA Resort & Casino, where Dr. Andrew Ordon of CBS's The Doctors served as host, Newen was awarded the "coveted" Best Overall Patient Enhancement prize and Best Overall Facial Make-Over, an individual honor covering a combination of procedures.
Despite the Orange County coast rivaling Beverly Hills when it comes to concentrations of plastic surgeons, Newen was apparently our only local winner based on this roundup supplied by the Aesthetic Awards:
  • Best Facial Injectable Enhancement: Dr. Leann Cross, Lecada Medical Artistry (Tampa, Florida)
  • Best Surgical Facial Rejuvenation Enhancement: Dr. Lori Hansen (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)
  • Best Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation Enhancement: Dr. Kenneth Oleszek, La Fontaine Aesthetics (Denver, Colorado)
  • Best Surgical Body Shaping Enhancement: Dr. Nedra Dodds, Opulence Aesthetic Medicine (Kennesaw, Georgia)
  • Best Non-Invasive Body Shaping Enhancement: Dr. Robert Troell, Beauty by Design (Las Vegas)
  • Best Overall Facial Make-Over (combination of procedures): Dr. Peter Newen, Image Plastic Surgery (Huntington Beach)
  • Best Overall Body Make-Over (combination of procedures): Dr. Thomas Young, Young Medical Spa (Center Valley, Pennsylvania)
A team of Hollywood plastic surgeons then handed Newen the big award of the night.

There was another local tie-in. Sponsors of the ceremony included Allergan Medical Aesthetics, the division of the Irvine-based pharmaceutical giant (Viagra, Latisse Lap-Band) whose collection of products for cosmetic surgeons include Botox, Juvederm, and Natrelle silicone-gel and saline breast implants.

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