OCTA Promotes 'Dump The Pump' Week, Gives Free Breakfast Tomorrow to Those Who (Gasp!) Leave Their Cars At Home

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​More essential than personal trainers and trust funds in this county are our beloved cars. Bus passes, Google's walking directions, Metrolink--these funny words, what do they mean?   

And yet the folks at Orange County Transportation Authority (bless their hearts) are taking on the noble job of encouraging local commuters to ditch their vehicles as part of the national Dump the Pump week. For the next couple days, they want you to see what it's like to live a car-free existence by either taking the bus or train, riding your bike or walking, telecommuting, or simply carpooling with a friend.  

As a bit of incentive, they're giving out free continental breakfast from 6 to 11 a.m. tomorrow at the Anaheim train station.   

Some benefits of losing your wheels: 

  • No more paying upwards of $4 a gallon. Riding public transportation can save commuters an average of $8,691 a year, according to OCTA. 

  • No dealing with parking lot madness at places like Angels Stadium and the Honda Center. OCTA buses and Metrolink stop at many of OC's most popular destinations.      

  • No Carmageddon

It's worth a try. Who knows? You may lose the road rage for good. 

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I used to take the bus to and from work, when there was at the most a 20 minute wait for a bus, but perhaps OCTA forgot that busses no longer run all night on certain routes, and some bus lines do not depart early enough to get me to work at 5am. Have any of the OCTA executives or board of directors ever been stranded across town because the last bus leaving was 10 minutes early?.

Sorry, if I sound too cynical but the PR campaign to me falls on deaf ears considering the drastic cuts in service of OCTA, (where MTA, LBTA, Foothill Transit have not had nearly as many cuts in service... I am curious, how many paycuts has the OCTA Board and Executives suffered? $1.00 for a bus schedule? really!


If you do participate in Dump the Pump Week, don't forget that you can pledge on OCTA's Website for a chance to win prizes. You could also participate in a trivia game to get a free bus pass. www.octa.net/dumpthepump.


Its kind of a catch 22.  The less people use the service, the lower the revenue, the fewer the services and the higher the prices. I think this is a step in the right direction.  If more people can see that this is a feasible and sensible option for them, then maybe more people start riding, more services become available, etc.  In your case, where you have an early start maybe its not a great option but, again, they have to start somewhere.


Actually, they HAD a good start before the cuts. The main revenue for bus is not rider fees, it is sales taxes and Federal & State subsidies. I will take a wild guess that rider fees barely cover the wages of the driver.

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