UC Irvine's Controversial Muslim Student Union Wins Anteater Award

Disrupting a speech on campus by an Israeli government official. The suspension, probation and criminal prosecution that followed the incident. The annual teach-ins on the Israel-Palestine issue some have dubbed "Hate Week."

Yep, headlines involving the Muslim Student Union at UC Irvine have been mostly negative for years.

However, by that reasoning, it should really be news when something positive happens to the organization that encourages activism by students of the Islamic faith.

For "demonstrating a commitment to transforming structures of inequality and injustices through reflection and action," the MSU was awarded the campus Cross Cultural Center's Praxis Award at the Anteater Awards ceremony Wednesday night.

The university's Office of the Dean of Students recognizes the accomplishments of campus students, faculty and organizations with the annual Anteater Awards. Students nominate groups or members, nominees are posted online and staff and faculty across the campus community do the judging.

This video explains what judges found so attractive about the MSU:

The MSU was also a runner-up to the Buddhist Association at UCI as the Most Outstanding Religious Organization. Alkalima, the Muslim student publication, was nominated for Most Outstanding Student Newsletter, which was awarded to Incite Magazine, which seeks to unite and educate UCI's cross cultural community.

And so, when this posts, a positive headline about the MSU joins the other mostly negative ones collected here:

Another controversial campus organization to receive an award was the Olive Tree Initiative (OTI), which has received heat over a secret meeting between Palestinian leader Aziz Duwaik and UCI students who had embarked on an OTI-arranged trip to Israel. Zionists have labeled Duwaik a member or close ally of Hamas, which does not recognize Israel's right to exist.

The OTI was recognized as the Most Outstanding International Organization at the Anteater Awards ceremony.

The complete list of awards, winners (in boldface) and other nominees follow after the break . . .

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Abdul Keddou
Abdul Keddou

Muslim Student Union is a radical Jihadist-in-training group primarily made up of the inbred offspring of first-cousin marriages, which are permissible under the barbaric code of conduct known as Sharia Law.

The continued existence of MSU highlights the problem of Islamic/Arab inbreeding, which has reached epidemic proportions in the Islamic world, as documented by this ground-breaking study by a MUSLIM SCIENTIST:


"Arab populations have a long tradition of consanguinity due to socio-cultural factors. Many Arab countries display some of the highest rates of consanguineous marriages in the world, and specifically first cousin marriages which may reach 25-30% of all marriages."



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