[UPDATED with Court Appeal:] Michael Kamrava, Fertility Doctor, Loses License

UPDATE, JUNE 6, 8:08 A.M.: An administrative law judge previously said Michael Kamrava, Octomom Nadya Suleman's fertility doctor, should keep his medical license, but the California Medical Board overruled that recommendation last month.

So, Kamrava has turned to another judge, this one at Los Angeles County Superior Court, to strike down the six-member Medical Board's ruling. Arguing revocation will impede his ability to make a living, Kamrava is asking the court to go along with the administrative law judge's recommendation for probation.

Without the court's intervention, Kamrava will lose his license on July 1. He can re-apply for one three years after that.

UPDATE, JUNE 6, 1:16 P.M.: In light of the case against Nadya Suleman's fertility doctor, a health reporter has issued a plea to his fellow journalists: Stop calling Octomom "Octomom."

No other mother of -uplets or "victim of medical misdeeds" have been as vilified as La Habra's single mother of 14, argues William Heisel, who has exposed problems with the fertility industry, the trade in human body parts and the use of illegal drugs in sports during a career in investigative journalism that has included stops at the Los Angeles Times and Orange County Register.

Heisel, writing for USC Annenberg School for Communications & Journalim's health page, accused the media of having lost the moral high ground from the time Suleman gave birth to the world's longest-surviving octuplets in January 2009 through last week, when her fertility doctor Michael Kamrava was informed he would lost his license to practice medicine in California. Referring to her as Octomom, writes Heisel (who admitted to twice doing so himself), "dehumanized" Suleman.

The media could have reframed the Suleman story by coming down hard on Kamrava, whom Heisel maintained put the lives of three mothers (including Octomom) in danger. In other words, she should be reported on as a victim, not a willing participant in the multiple-birth madness. His conclusion:

Suleman went to Kamrava as a troubled patient. A woman who wanted to have more children than any single parent could handle, she was treated instead by her physician as a customer. And now the media have chosen to treat her as a criminal.

At a minimum, she should be given the dignity of a real name.

"Fame whore" probably would not be a suitable alternative for Heisel.

UPDATE, JUNE 3, 3:19 P.M.: The News Gods have conspired to prevent me from finding a new photo for this update, as Octomom Nadya Suleman is reportedly holding a bikini car wash to save her La Habra house (again).

And the single mother of 14 has really dipped deep into the D-list to pluck the "friends" who will be on hand (and in thong) to help her. The only one I'd heard of was Tila Tequila. I don't believe the others would bat a Dr. Drew casting director's eye: Capri AndersonJanuary Gessert and Violet Kowal. WTF? And by WTF, I mean Who The Fuck?

Octo-ho's (from left): Kowal, Gessert, Anderson.
TMZ fills in the blanks: Anderson is the porn star who claimed Charlie Sheen roughed her up in a New York hotel last October. Ah, remember the good old days? Before we knew exactly how sick Charlie was?

Gessert was an unknown Calabassas waitress until she was seen leaving a restaurant with Kim Kardashian's then-boyfriend Reggie Bush one night in March 2010. The next morning, Gessert was spotted again, this time making the walk of shame from the USC football-program destroyer's house.

And Kowal was one of Mel Gibson's alleged mistresses. Wait a second, I think I blogged about her before. Hold on . . . Oh, yeah:

Fortunately for Octomom's La Habra neighbors, who have had it up to here with this shit, she's planning to hold her un-star-studded bikini car-wash fund-raiser in LA. Because they really "get" her there, you know? (Note to LA: Take her. Pleeeeease!) A June 18 date has been set, as have the prices to get, uh, buffed: $20 per car and $30 per SUV.

And the first 14 customers get to drive off with a kid!

UPDATE, JUNE 2, 11:11 A.M.: Hey, Octomom Nadya Suleman! How are you taking the news that your fertility doctor has lost his license to practice medicine in California in large part due to your in-vitro fertilization procedures?

Why, by frolicking on an Orange County beach in a two-piece, animal-print bikini, of course.

TMZ has full frames of the La Habra mother of 14's full figure, if anyone's interested.

UPDATE, JUNE 1, 5:14 P.M.: Dr. Michael Kamrava, the Beverly Hill fertility doctor who treated La Habra's Octomom Nadya Suleman, will not be licensed to practice medicine in California beginning July 1.

The California Medical Board, overruling an administrative-law judge, concluded that Kamrava treating patients puts the public at risk.

Click here to download the medical board decision.

It was a mistake for Kamrava to implant 12 embryos--six times the norm for a 33-year-old like Suleman--prior to the single mother of six's pregnancy by in-vitro fertilization that produced her octuplets, the board found in its 45-page decision.

"While the evidence did not establish [Kamrava] as a maverick or deviant physician, oblivious to standards of care in IVF practice, it certainly demonstrated that he did not exercise sound judgment in the transfer of 12 embryos to [Suleman]," wrote the board.

The judge in February recommended five years of probation for Kamrava, saying the negative publicity he had received would prevent him from acting so recklessly again. The board "adamantly" disagreed with that assessment, however.

Noting that Kamrava had already used bad press as an excuse for failing to care properly for another fertility patient who should have been referred to a cancer specialist, the decision states, "Accordingly, the board is not persuaded that relying on the public or the media to fulfill or supplement the board's public protection role is sound policy."

To Kamrava's tearful explanation that Suleman insisted on having so many embryos implanted and that she consented to undergoing fetal reduction if too many of the babies became viable, the board responded, "A fetal-reduction procedure has risks, including the loss of all pregnancy, and to assign even a scintilla of responsibility to a patient who becomes pregnant, and then elects not to follow through with a procedure that may jeopardize her (and possibly her family's) prized objective, is troubling and telling."

Kamrava, who was also faulted for his treatment of two other patients, can petition to the board to reconsider, but such a ruling is unlikely. By law, he can re-apply for a medical license in three years.

To date, Suleman's octuplets remain the world's longest-surviving set.

UPDATE, MAY 5, 1 P.M.: The California Medical Board should revoke the license to practice of Dr. Michael Kamrava, the fertility doctor for La Habra single mother of 14 Nadya Suleman, the "Octomom," a state prosecutor urged today.

State Deputy Attorney General Judith T. Alvarado contends revocation is the only way to protect the public from Kamrava.

But his attorney urged the panel to accept an administrative-law judge's previously rejected recommendation that Kamrava receive probation with no revocation.

The six-member board, which met in a Los Angeles area hotel for a final hearing this morning, has 30 to 60 days to render a decision on the fate of the Beverly Hills physician's medical license. That ruling can be appealed through the court system.

Kamrava is accused of negligence in treating Suleman and two other patients. Henry Fenton, his lawyer, said his client is very sorry and has cleaned up his act, changing his entire staff. He wouldn't dare practice such negligence given the worldwide public scrutiny of the case, Fenton claimed.

But Alvarado argued such scrutiny since the birth of Suleman's last delivery of eight babies did not stop Kamrava from following up on an abnormal biopsy on a 42-year-old patient who received fertility treatment from him, delaying her diagnosis of ovarian cancer for months.

"Public scrutiny," Alvarado reportedly said, "doesn't work with him."

There's octo inside!
UPDATE, JAN. 24, 3:58 P.M.: Administrative-law Judge Daniel Juarez has found Dr. Michael Kamrava committed gross and repeated negligence in his care for Octomom Nadya Suleman of La Habra--but not so much that the Beverly Hills fertility doctor should lose his state license to practice medicine.

Juarez's recommendation is not binding; the California Medical Board can still disagree with the judge's finding and strip Kamrava of his license.

At the center of the medical-board probe are: Kamrava's treatment of Suleman, a single mother who conceived all 14 of her children through his care; a 48-year-old who suffered complications after becoming pregnant with quadruplets; and a 42-year-old diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer after receiving fertility treatments.

Juarez found no lack of qualification, ability or fitness on Kamrava's part based on the evidence presented.

The judge added he suspects the doctor will not-so-aggressively treat another patient given the national exposure of the Octomom case.

Kamrava used 16 of Suleman's eggs to create 14 embryos before implanting a dozen of them in July 2008. The judge recommended Kamrava be allowed to continue practicing while undergoing monitoring and participating in ethics and medical-training courses. The medical board is expected to consider the recommendation at a Thursday meeting in Burlingame. The octuplets, who were born nine weeks premature, remain the world's longest-living group that size.

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Heisels article is pathetic considering he has some decent "credentials". Remember back when Octomom (there I said it) tried to copyright the name herself for marketing purposes? Since she never profited off it he's now crying foul on anyone else who speaks it? That name is the least of her problems.


If Heisel is really a health reporter he should focus on the probability that there are many other impaired eggs/fetuses produced by this sociopathic breeder that are unaccounted for. Saggy bikini shots are not news. The idea that there are unwitting women  out there who are now facing lives of raising impaired children with Suleman as the biological mother of their defective eggs or fetuses is news that no one is reporting. Why not?Nor are they reporting whether she took money for possible large amounts of  undeclared income and how much she got while being on welfare.  Do we really need to go into all the many dozens of ways Natalie Doud has dehumanized not only herself but her 14 impoverished kids, many of whom are either physically or mentally ill as a result of her very deliberate bad judgement. It wasn't Kamrava that made her demand a decade of fertility treatments (while without any income) and then disappear and "self-medicate"  with a dozen fetuses jeopardized for the sole purpose of publicity.  This tweaked out skank is very obviously heavily dependent on drugs. who knows what these kids were subjected to in utero. Yes Kamrava is a monster. But they are BOTH monsters. As well as the men (at least two) who spawned these kids and have walked away from their responsibility. Other than to have made a fetish tape, that is. Natalie Doud HAD the dignity fo a real name, she chose not to use it. She thought so highly of Octomom she attempted to legally incorporate it for herself. She thinks so little of names she has had five or six.  Even her parents don't hold onto their names.Why?She HAD the dignity of motherhood. She can't be bothered because for reasons known only to the voices in her head being an undernourished chopshopped mess of plastic parts and tattoos is far more important than nurturing 14 kids.  Kamrava was a vile enabler. But he was only one of several. There are her parents who should have had her committed by the second child, the men she persuaded to irresponsibly father these kids, the cosmetic surgeons who have taken money meant for destitute children, the bottom feeders in the media who keep subjecting the unwilling and uninterested public to pointlessly hideous photo shoots  and most of all the Orange County Social services system who underwrote and made possible a good deal of her current lifestyle. Including five hours a day at the gym while her babies languish isolated in crib-cages.Even her landlord seems to be milking this for attention rather than just doing what any landlord with a deadbeat tenant usually does. At this point, he has to be as addicted to publicity as she is. If you ever gave this famewhore any dignity she would do everything she could to dispose if it as quickly and vulgarly as possible. What about the dignity of the 28 destroyed live embryos and the 14 maimed kids?


Underpass trannies all over LA  are now contacting the UT Anti-Defamation League.


Did Octomom sneak out and have these pictures taken while Nadya was sleeping?  Is she collecting photo shoot bikini's and used underwear for another garage sale?  Will she sell all the used thongs on e-bay?  Stay classy, that's what I say. 


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He needs to be taken to court and forced to pay child support. They are his kids.


GOOD! That should also cover every state in the nation. This douche' bag needs to start paying child support for Octomom's kids. Tax payers should have to be spared from paying for cases like this. If you want to go to fertility clinics and having your gaggle of kids all at once, then pay for the treatments out of pocket and pay every penny for raising the brood.

Victoria Pelosi
Victoria Pelosi

Good!  Why he even helped the welfare freak contribute added burdens to society is beyond the understanding of any rational human being.  We won't look at any news bits about that horrid woman.  So glad the guy lost his CA license to practice medicene.


Nadya has 30 days to go in for "just one more" except I think the doc flew the COOP!

Bill T.
Bill T.

Boycott these free-loading spamming scum, Patronize the stand-up merchants who pay for their advertising and support the OCW!

Katherine L. Lawrence
Katherine L. Lawrence

Why? She begged him for all those embryos. She is just as guilty as he is. I think her punishment should be to have the kids taken from her all 14 and stripped of her mommy title. But....since the kids DIDN"T make her rich is punishment enough!

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